Thursday, October 18, 2007

Don't Rush

I found I can't rush out of the house. I decided at the last minute to take my scarf I'm working on for Christmas to do at lunch instead of write in my paper journal. So I toss it in my bag. Not wanting to have anything drop out, I zip it up. I get to work and yep. My yarn is caught in my zipper. I try to unzip it and no go. It goes to the very end and can't get out. So I have to cut the yarn. :(

I'm doing scarfs for my Aunt and Uncle and their daughter and their grandson. I brought in the Red Heart Zebra one I'm doing for my Uncle. I think I did it too thin, as I went to a larger hook, but I will add a black boarder. I think that will look great. I need to get more Zebra verigated as I thought it would be cute if their grandson had the exact same scarf as his Grandpa.

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