Monday, October 22, 2007

Waves Tote Bag

As I was making the bottom I thought it would be big enough to fit my drinks in that I bring to work, usually just my 2 a day, but I can fit 4 in here and some paperwork. Or 2 and my crochet project. This would make a nice WIP bag too.

I used Red Heart WW yarn. Size H hook. Laying flat, it measures 12" across. From the bottom (with that on the floor) 12" to the top. Perfect size for me. Of course I crochet loose, so someone else who wants that size may need to go up a hook. It took approximately 3 oz of yarn (not sure as I still had a lot left and most had some used from the skein).

I made this from the Crochetville Waves of Color Tote Bag - link. I decided to just use my left over yarn like the pattern suggested. Turned out super nice I think.

Inside of bag with lining:

I decided to do the idea in the Granny Square Pucker Purse (link) and put plastic canvas on the bottom and sides so it can stand up nicely. Worked great. I like it with it. I just did the plastic canvas on the bottom and 2 wide sides. I left the narrow sides empty and like that, when I hold it by the handles it closes nicely.

eta: I actually changed the way I did the pattern... I was having trouble with the joinging of the dc dec. So I slip stitched to the top of the (3 dc) and did a ch3, dc for the beginning of the row, then one more dc, and joined with changing colors. There's not much difference, I think, but it seemed to work easier for me.

Oh and since I knew I was going to line it, I didn't fasten off each row, I don't like weaving in all those ends... .


Anita said...

What a great idea with the plastic canvas!!

Your bag turned out lovely!

Fru P said...

Loved your bag =0)

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.