Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Artist Print Scarf & WUA Square

Left over skien of my Artist Print from my afghan. I still have more from another skien I used on the boarder if I decide to make more on the afghan, but probably not. So I did need a scarf for my other aunt and couldn't decide on the color and this one is perfect. I think she'll like it as it's more subdued.
Yes I did it fast. I started it the other night, worked on it at lunch and last night at the laundry mat. It's just 15 stitches across, all double crochet using an H hook. Very simple and easy to do and yes I crochet fast.
Here's a close up to see the colors a little better.

Warm Up America Square #2
Obviously the ends aren't weaved in, but you get an idea. This is another 2am project LOL. I did a row of SC, then a few rows of HDC, then a row of SC and just kept doing that, not even worrying about how many rows of HDC before doing a SC because I wanted it unique and I was too tired really to count and I thought it would be interesting.

Again, it's Berry Blue. I love this color. I would love to make on the of Caron open cardigans from their site with this color. Not sure which one, there are a few that look great.


Cami said...

I love this scarf. I have been looking for a simple yet elegant yet fast pattern to make a scarf and I really like how yours turned out. I'll probably do the same. Thanks for sharing!

Snappish said...

I love the color of the scarf. Nice job!