Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Pinata Color Scarf

Close up of the scarf so you can see the colors (a little).
This is the full picture fo the scarf. Yes it's long. I just did 15 ch and so I had 13 stitches across. I know my friend will like it for Christmas.

If you want to see a picture of the yarn, doing a search I found it here (the red heart site wouldn't open the page) :
Yes it is a VERY bright yarn. And yes my friend likes those kinds.
PS: I am working on the afghan. I actually have it finished (minus weaving in the last few [hundred] ends.... okay maybe not hundred, but a lot. I took a picture and it ended up bad... real bad... so I may wait until Saturday when I can use some sunlight.

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CraftyAshley said...

Yeah!!! Congrats on finishing your afghan and your scarf. I can't wait to see your afghan and your almost done with a little time to spare. Can't wait to see the pics.