Friday, December 7, 2007

A Quick Hi

Not much to post. Yesterday at lunch I intended to make some squares, but took a nap. I'm still not over this flu/cold/whatever. Yuk. I'm better then before, but tired, so tired. That usually happens when I'm over being sick and getting better.
Then last night I was too tired and just watched TV.

I did go to walmart and of course bought some yarn. Some Size 3. I thought to make another thick doily, like my Double Strand Doily I did before, but decided this morning I would like to make some quick snowflakes. So I brought that for my lunch time crochet, but we'll see. I'm tired right now, so I don't know... I hope to finish up some of my afghan this weekend. I have the DVD.

Oh that was another experience I couldn't believe. I got my cart at walmart, put in some ice melt in it (we're going to have snow soon and we have a bad gutter that leaks and ices up right by our front door). Then I got the DVD. Put that in the part where kids or purses go so it wouldn't get smashed or anything as I add things to my cart. Got some yarn, put that next to the DVD. Got my Diet Coke. Put that by the ice melt. Added some batteries, by the ice melt. Then I went to look at clothes. Because my walmart has such close clothing racks, I left my cart. Came back about 5 minutes later (yes took me that long, if not longer) and my DVD was gone. :shock: I wans't happy. I had to go get another one. I went to the back and they didn't have it because it was the special with an extra DVD so I had to go back to the front again. I just got one last thing, quickly walked through the magazines (no crochet ones) and left. I didn't feel like getting anything else.


CraftyAshley said...

Shame on that person for taking stuff out of your cart. I hope you feel better. I probably know exactly how you feel. Have a good weekend.

Pat said...

This time of year can bring out the best AND the worst in people. I'm sorry that happened to you, and I hope you're feeling better