Thursday, January 24, 2008

Another WIP (no photo yet but link to pattern)

I thought I'd update. I started working on another WIP. I found the CAL in Crochetville brought up again and decided to work on it some more. It's a Rectangle Granny Square (pattern here: It's really easy. I started it last year and decided not to give it as a gift. I'm thinking I'll keep it and use it as a summer afghan... but not sure yet. I couldn't remember the hook I used (I didn't have the pattern with it) and so I figured an H hook would suffice. If I used a G or I hook (I know it wasn't bigger the stitches aren't that big), the H would be close enough. And last night I couldn't find my alumninum H hook, so I used a plastic one I got on clearance. Worked fine.

I'm going to post a pic tomorrow in the CAL and will also post one here. It's a Photo Friday thing. Then I can continue on my Babette. I figure if I do a Photo Friday on the Giant Granny Square Along CAL, that will motivate me to work on it, so that's why I figured Wed & Thurs., because then I have a little done LOL.

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