Monday, January 7, 2008

Babette Started

Start of the Babbette from the Interweave Crochet Spring 2006 issue. (And available here: You can also check out various websites and blogs to see what others have done [Crochetville is one].)

I thought I had done it wrong. Well I had :blush:. But found I could make it right. Yeah!

Note: If you don't have the pattern you may be confused, so read at your own caution... lol... So I removed the 4 round one and thought now what. I didn't want to remove the 2 of the 2 round ones, so I looked and looked on the diagram and found a part I could do and it would work better! I was giong to do panel 10, but then decided if I start with panel 8 and 7 (which is the 2 round and 4 round, plus 2 six rounds on the other side of the 2 rounds) I could make a square afghan and see what size it is. I would leave off panel 9 and 10 until I see what size it is as those would be last. The pattern called for sportsweight yarn or yarn working with a smaller hook, F I think... I'm using a G hook.

I'm not cheating, really. I did some 2 round squares and even 3 round squares for another 2 afghans, one that I'll never finish, I don't like it and use it as a lapaghan for myself. The other was the Tetris and I don't know if I want to do that one now, I thought it would be cute but didn't like my diagram (no pattern we had to make our own) and it wasn't working out anyway. So I'll use those squares.


I am still working on this. I have 2 rounds left (maybe) but wanted to start the Babbette. I would like to finish this RR, so hopefully this week.


Cami said...

This is going to be wonderful when you are finished. Can't wait to see the RR when you are done!

CraftyAshley said...

I'm glad you figured it out. I still hope to find this pattern someday.