Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Blue Beaded Bag & Cell Phone Holder

It was called the Hippie Bag from the Crochet! July 2006 issue. I added ribbon and a cell phone holder.
I changed it, of course. I weaved ribbon through the strap, added ribbon to the top to "close" and made it bigger (just added stitches it was easy to figure out). And of course the cell phone holder.

Close up of cell phone holder. I had one silver bead left so I did it as the "button" on there to remove if I want to carry my cell phone. I added the "drawstring" because on my other one it kept falling out... ;)

Lining I choose. Yes it's a Dog one. LOL. I got enough for another bag so I bought some Warm Brown and started another bag.
Close up of the beads and bobbles on the purse, yes those are the silver beads on the bottom, hard to see that they are silver.

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