Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Me and Crochet info

I thought I'd do a post about me and crochet. Just to add something today ;) ... and to give you some more info.

Favorite yarn: Red Heart Super Saver. Yes I know some don't like it. But I do. I can get along with it if it's not too rough and if it is I save the yarn to use with a double strand project (did that with a verigated once). After I wash a project, it's nice a soft.

Favorite Hook: Boyle Crochet Hooks

Favorite Size Hook: Anything that will get me to gauge. I use to love steel hooks, size 4. I then loved large hooks for double strands, N hook (it's aluninum). Now just anything.

Favorite thing to crochet: Not sure. I like making a lot of things. Different things. I have a hard time crocheting things that are the same over and over. But I have once in a while. I don't mind doing something like a bunch of dishclothes if they're different patterns.

When started to crochet; when I was about 8. Maybe. I didn't keep it up of course. Then I did when I was a teen (I wasn't very popular and my mom crocheted and we started getting along so I took it up).

When read patterns first: After my mom passed away. She couldn't read patterns, and so I never tried. Then I wanted to expand and try new things.

Other Crafts enjoy: Bead jewelry (easy quick ones). At the moment, not much else.

Other crafts I've tried: I've done some cross stitch, but prefer easy ones, I get mixed up on larger projets. I've tried hand quilting (too boring). I've done plastic canvas (still have 3 little Christmas houses). I tried sewing by machine but can't do that at all. And other crafts. I did the old Mop Doll (have it in storage somewhere, use to get put out at Christmas I think, or did I throw it out because it got dusty and dirty... lol). Scrapbooking (really would like to do more and get back into it, but... ). Knitting (doubt I'll do that again, just can't get into it). I'm sure there are others...

Longest undone crochet WIP: I think I have a christmas color yarn afghan in the bottom of my closet... :blush: I just thought of it LOL. It was turning out nice, but then Christmas was over and so was the afghan. I think I took it up the following year, but it got lost in there. The yarn was a gift so it didn't cost me anything. One day when I clean I may take it out. Oh I also have a big oval tablecloth in thread. Again, the thread was a gift. I have it somewhere and I don't even know if it would fit a table (I dont' have an oval one, just wanted to make a big tablecloth) and if I even kept all the thread with it. Probably something else, hiding... lol

Crochet hate: What I hate: When I give a gift and they don't use it and it's suppose to be used. I don't want it saved... People who look down on people who use less expensive yarn or Red Heart just because they don't like it... knots in the middle of skiens of yarn... knot then yucky yarn then knot (had that happen recently)...

Crochet love: Patterns of all sorts! Old ones, new ones, funky ones, yucky ones. Well maybe not the yuckiest of yucky LOL. Not that I would make them all, I just like to look at them. Yarn, yarn, yarn.

I guess that's it for now.

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CraftyAshley said...

Thanks for sharing some more about you. It was a very good read. And I would agree I love red heart yarn. Whenever I save up and try and get some more expensive yarn I think how much red heart I could get for the same price!