Wednesday, January 9, 2008


UFO - unfinished object
WIP - Work In Progress

Help! I'm drowning.... gulp, gulp...


I didn't realize I had so much until I started writing them down here. I need to spend some time finishing up these things.

WIP: this is a Stained Glass Scrap Yarn Granny Mile a Minute type afghan. I started this before Christmas, even joined the Crochetville CAL but changed my mind on giving it as a gift (thought it might not be warm enough and chagned my mind on gifts to give). It's a realy simple and easy pattern and uses some stash, not a lot of your scrap yarn, but some. I forgot about this one :blush: until someone mentioned it at crochetville. I made the strips, even boardered some (and of course minus weaving in lots of ends).

RR. Yes my round ripple is still unfinished. But is it a UFO, something that is just sitting there? or a WIP? I'm considering it a WIP as I am going to finish it soon.

Color of Waves Bag. This is a WIP because I haven't finsihed it yet, but I just started it LOL. I am almost finished. Need to do a SC around the handle, add the lining. I will finish before this weekend as I need it for Sunday LOL.

Babette. This is a WIP as I just started it and I am working on it.

I have a few other UFOs I know.
8 Pocket Tote from the lionbrand website and CAL. That is really a UFO. I need to sew it together and do a lining. Wouldn't take long. The 8 pockets aren't separate. There is one long panel for the front and back, add the 2 long straps and you have 3 pockets made on each side. I figured it would make a great WIP bag... LOL.

Half Moon Shawl from the lionbrand website patterns. I did this in a thick yarn I had left over from a bag I didn't do. I don't know if I have the hook with it and I'm sure I changed it. Maybe it could be a short one or I could add more with another hook. I think I used a P hook but not sure. I'm almost done... how pitaful is that, I think 2 more rows... ugh... lol. I need to reprint the pattern as I didn't see it with it last time I went through my crochet stuff.

This past weekend I found a Rectangle Granny I started for a gift and didn't finish as I changed my mind, yet again. I have some of the purple still, I used some purple in another project but have some left. I could add some white to it or even another purple, maybe a verigated. That would be cute. So a UFO for now. It's so simple I should work on it while I watch a movie I've seen over and over. Or just to relax when I wake up at night. hmmm....

I think I have 2 vests. One that was suppose to be a sweater but didn't finish it, don't have the yarn, hook or pattern LOL. So it would be a vest as I have the fronts & back. I put these away somewhere...

2 purses. I have them crocheted. One with ends weaved in, just need to add the lining and I have the fabric. The other I need to weave in eneds, add the handle (crocheted) and add the lining I have. But since I have a purse I'm using and love (my blue one) I see no rush in finishing these... lol.

Okay I think that's it (or all I want to remember at the moment).


CraftyAshley said...

Oh dear! Hopefully you are able to get your WIPs or UFOs to smaller list. I jumped into this CAL ,
So instead of being in a ton of CALs I can just be in one and get some support in the process. There also some neat organization ideas for your week. See ya around.

Debbi-a1 said...

Ashley, I saw that post and read through most of it. It does have some great ideas. I think I'll work on my RR this weekend and should be able to finish it. My Waves tote on Saturday, my RR on Sunday. both should be done by this weekend (I hope). I can easily work on the babette during the week as it's portable.