Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Waves of Color Tote WIP

Another bag started. And yes another WIP, but this one will be done quickly.
I need one for my church stuff because it's the perfect size. I had a big pink one when I taught the kids but that's too big and my fabric one had a marker bleed on it (opps.... ;). So I needed a new one and taking out and putting back in from my Brown Waves of Tote worked great, but not taking out and putting in things over and over again... So now that the holidays have calmed down and I'm almost done with my Round Ripple (since I don't know the date of the housewarming, no rush... right... lol), I figured I could make this bag. I started last night.

Pattern from Crochetville: Waves of Color Tote
Yarn: Red Heart Worsted Weight, I used Country Blue and Painted Deseret.
Hook: Size H

The entire bag that I've done, up to now (with the hook through it): A close up of the bag to show the colors better:
And the skiens of yarn:


CraftyAshley said...

That looks cute! I want to do one to! I have been wanting to do that one for a while. But I shouldn't have anymore aliens visiting me right now so I will calm myself.

LICraftgal said...

Wow thats really pretty. I love the colors and the pattern.