Friday, March 28, 2008

100 Squares in March (one Month)

Here's my box of 100 squares I crocheted in a month in March!

I have 60 going verigcal and then 20 on the side in 2 packs.
I'm going to wash them Saturday and then put them in zipper bags to get the air out and try to squeeze them in the box. Then mail them next week.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Blog Review

I was so honored to have my blog reviewed here

She does excellent work in her reviews (yes even before she did mine ;).


I decided against the black and white purse, I couldn't get the corners to end up right on that square. Then I remembered I did have one that I made around the christmas busy time (not sure why) and just need to finish it. And I like it. So I'll use that one and post it when I'm done.

I have tomorrow off (so I'll post my Thankful Thursday another time as I probably won't get online) and that will give me some time to weave in some ends on the remaining squares.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Doing better today. Thanks for the kind comments.

I finished crocheting 100 squares for the cancer comfortgahm! Now I have about 50 to weave in ends... still... I did about half on Sunday. I'll post a picture of the 100 squares when I get them done (then I'm adding a link for things I finished in 2008, because this is an accomplishemt).

So now at lunch I needed something to crochet and went back to my
Blue Berry Pie Afghan I started a while ago... but then I thought I would like another purse... lol... and so I looked at the one in Crochet Today Jan/Feb 2008, the Special Effects one in the front. I like that one. Then a friend wanted to have lunch today (we meet once a week) so I couldn't start it yet. Drat. :) Oh and then when I got to work I saw my lining in my ripple bag was coming out (no surprise). So I guess I do need a new purse... ;) Or fix this one or my Blue Beaded one (the ribbon in the strap wasn't secure so it came out and was stretching). The blue one might be easier to fix though. So we shall see...

And maybe this is for the best, I can buy NEW yarn, I was going to use what I had left over (odds and ends of black and white, which should match, but not sure). So tonight I can get some new yarn for this purse and maybe choose 2 different colors. I do like the black and white look (the pattern actually calls for black and aran). Maybe I'll have to look at some purse pictures to decide... This will be more fun... lol.

I think that's it for now.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Quick Afghan (Half Day Afghan)

Saturday I wasn't feeling all that great (a little sad, that time of the month) so as I was cleaning out my purse I found the pattern for the 5 1/2 hour afghan I wanted to make. Decided against it. But then at Walmart found some Light Sage and other green (can't remember the color now, lighter though) and decided to try this out. Took less then 6 skiens. Used an N hook and 2 strands of yarn. It wasn't very wide, so I added a V-St edging, did 3 rounds of that. I don't know if it's as wide as I would like it, but it's fine.
Close up of the corner, which ended up round, which I love.
Close up to see the 3 rounds of edging.

Not sure if it took me 5 hours, but less then half a day at least. Started after 11 am, ate lunch, crocheted, took a nap, crocheted, did some other things, ate dinner, crocheted and finished before 7:30 pm.
I'm going to have to remember this pattern for the future when I need a quick afghan.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thankful Thursdays

Got this idea from Crochetville. Someone asked about a Gratitude Journal and I have kept them on and off for years. Sometimes in my regular journal, sometimes on posts in messges boards, sometimes in specific books for gratitude. So I thought why not a Thankful Thursdays here on my blog.

This week I'll start with the basics and then add them as needed.
  1. Family
  2. friends
  3. dogs
  4. crochet
  5. church
  6. prayer
  7. sun shining
  8. health (not today, but I am thankful when I have it... just a bit sick today)
  9. a car that runs
  10. a home

So that's a basic list right now.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Weekend Square Count

29 squares this weekend (Friday-Monday) for the Charity Square Crochet A Long on Crochetville.
I did one more this morning.
So I have 89 squares for the cancer comfortgahn!
I guess I will make 100 by the end of this month, which will feel so great. Of course, as you can tell, I'm going to need a few days to weave in ends... lol... but that's fine. I can sit and relax and do that.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Charity Square A Long Weekend... Con't

Yes I'm still going on this today. It's suppose to go on for 4 days (Friday-Monday).

I crocheted 25 squares so far.

So my total for the Comfortgahm is 84 squares!

I think I can make my goal of 100.

Then on to other things.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Charity Square A Long Weekend

This weekend on Crochetville is the Charity Square Crochet A Long. We crochet as many squares as we can from Friday thru Monday. So I'm giong to work on my 8 inch squares some more.
I have 59 squares as of this morning. I would like to make 100 this month for the cancer awareness comfortgahm I'm sending them to. But we'll see. I don't want to stress myself out, so I'll do what I can.
This is a fun Crochet-a-Long. You can do whatever size square you want, in whatever color, for whatever charity. They add them all to see how many were made that weekend. They usually choose the middle weekend of the month, but sometimes it gets changed (holidays, etc).

So this weekend I'll be crocheting squares again.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Daily Free Patterns

I added to my links on the side under Crochet Pattern Links. There were 2 others I keep forgetting to check. Even though the Daily Crocheter goes to just any pattern, I've probably missed it anyway and sometimes it can be added to my Wish List (yes I, too, have a long one). Just Plain Fun has been around for a long time and she has great patterns.

I have a few ideas of things I'd like to start, but not sure. I'm going to do the squares for charity at lunch most days and then try to break it up with something else at home. Yes I still have the Babette Inspired afghan to finish, but right now I'm not inspired to work on it. And I have my giant granny square. Maybe I should finish that one, it's almost done, I think.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Big Mesh Bag

Finished my BIG mesh bag. This is a picture of it holding my 56 squares (the 8 inch ones).
I love the way it spiraled.
Here's a close up of the handles. I did them similar to the Color of Waves Tote Bag.

I used Peaches & Cream, shades of Green cotton Worsted Weight yarn.
Size H hook.
I don't remember which pattern I used, but I didn't follow it at all. The bottom said to do 18 rows of sc and I did about 8-10, it seemed big enough for me. And then I didn't understand how she was starting the rows, so I didn't join like the pattern said and just did a SC in the first ch loop and then just didn't join at all. I did the handles different, so I wouldn't have to sew any on, this way you just work in rounds, do some chain stitches, skip some sc, then continue and the next 2 rounds are just sc around. Simple. So only 2 ends to weave in. I did do the ch 3 around for the mesh. Oh and I think the pattern called for hdc around the bottom but I just continued in sc.
Pattern finally found... lol
Please see above to what I changed and why...

Bunny with her Easter Dress & Hat

I needed something else to do besides squares. For a little while anyway. I found this yarn and thought it looked spring like. So I bought a bunny from the dollar store and made her a dress and hat.
Here's a close up of the hat:

I used Red Heart Yarn, Worsted Weight, in Monet and Pedal Pink.
I used a size H hook.
Just made up the dress and hat (have done that before), no pattern at all.
Not completely happy with the hat, but I was tired and didn't want to do a brim so I thought this looked fine.

Monday, March 10, 2008

More Squares

Yes I did a lot more this weekend.
I did different patterns, a few. The white one was just the Puff Stitch in teh center there. I used almost all my burgendy, we'll say I did. I have very little left. It was a nice soft one. I did some solid ones, but they were done using a K hook (for a change). They were softer as they were looser stitches. I did a few green, a few blue a lot white. And yes, I still have ends to weave in on a lot of them... But that can still be done. I'm thinking I'm going to try for 100 squares this month for this charity, but not sure yet. I'll work on them for a while and see where I'm at.

56 Squares Total

7 things about me

Hi! I was tagged by Ashely and Terri here are the rules. Now lets see if there is 7 interesting things about me.
The tag rules are:1. When tagged, place the name of the person and URL on your blog2. Post the rules on your blog3. Write 7 things about yourself4. Name 7 of your favorite weblogs5. Send an e-mail letting those bloggers know they have been taggedSo here are 7 random things about me:

  1. I know Gregg Shorthand. I don't write it that fast as I don't practice very much. I started by taking Speedwriting Shorthand and then moved to Gregg. I learned the old, old, version. The 1930-1945 version called Anniversary.
  2. I've never been married. Not by choice. Never been asked. At my age I don't know if I care that much anymore. So no kids either (for me that goes in hand in hand even if it doesn't guarantee a lasting relationship)
  3. I sell Avon. Well "sell" is a strong word. I motly just play with it and buy things for me, so I'm not advertsing, I don't even have an Avon website (don't get me started on that...). I started it to earn money but then it became to much work for me in addition to other things, so I just do it as a very small job (and to pay for my purchases ;)
  4. I trained my dog who was a 90 lb Alpha male at the time. Trust me that is hard. Glad I started then as he's now 120 lb alpha male. He's a white German shephard.
  5. I like comfy shoes. Even if they don't look as stylish or even that great on me. I really can't do heels, and prefer not to at all.
  6. I can be a slob. Well I don't clean as often as I should and don't care as much as I should. I will never be labeled a "clean freak" (no offense to them, I think I would prefer that... sometimes, like when I can't find
  7. I like notebooks and paper and pens almost as much as yarn. However, discovering the Moleskine notebooks have changed that as I don't buy as much as I use to. In fact, I check out Moleskine pictures posted on the web (people scan or take a picture of a page in their Moleskine) almost as much as crochet items.

I think that's it that I can think of that is about me you may not know.

I'm not sure who to tag, so if someone didn't get tagged, please say I tagged you.

Thank you.

Friday, March 7, 2008

7 More Squares, Orchid, Blue, Gray

I did 7 more squares yesterday. 2 orchid ones at lunch, and the rest at home. I bought some more yarn. I did one in blue but it was dark, late and I was tired and my hook is blue, so I switched to gray. All granny squares.

I'll do more this weekend and post a new total on Monday (I don't get online much if at all on the weekends).

38 Squares total.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

5 More Squares

This picture shows the 4 I did yesterday. The new one (bottom left) is from the "101 Crochet Squares" book, I think square 23 or 29... then one on the bottom right is a variation on that.

I did one more white granny square this morning.
So 31 squares total.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

White & Orchid color Squares

More squares for the a Comfortgahn, we're Crocheting For Cancer Squares on Crochetville. I'm up to 26 squares as of right now.

These were 6 of the white ones I did last night and this morning.
And 3 orchid color ones I did today at lunch.

That's pretty much what I'm going to be working on this month. Maybe put in a few other crochet items, but mostly squares. I'm going to see if I can find some other square patterns to do. I want to do a basic square type, from center out, because then I can make it fit for me. So I'm looking for anything smaller then an 8 inch square so I can add to it if I need to so it will be an 8 inch square. I crochet loose. I'm looking for quick ones too, because this *contest* is the most squares donated for the month.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

3 Shamrocks & Shamrock Granny Square

These 3 shamrocks were from the Crochet A Day Calendar 2006, March 15. It was part of the tissue cover. They were VERY easy to do. I liked them. And since I was doing granny squares for the comfortgahm on crochetville, I thought... hm... I wonder. And this is what I came up with:
A shamrock granny square. I'm sure it's been done, but I hadn't done it before.

And I did 5 more squares (3 at lunch, 2 at midnight when I couldn't sleep) and added a boarder to the small one. So I have 15 squares for the comfortgahm.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Yarn Egg Covers & 9 Squares

Kind of blurry, but you get the idea. Done in Red Heart Worsted Weight Yarn, I crocheted the eggs (not the peeps... still eating those... ;)9 squares for a charity. They're 8 inch.

I did more squares then that but at first I thought I did a TON not accurate to size. So I put them to the side. Then I started an afghan. This morning I checked my suqares and only 2 weren't very good. One I can add to and it will be 8 inch. The other is just too big. It's done in rows. I suppose I could frog it and redo another suqare. I may stick to the granny squares as they end up a perfect 8 inch.