Monday, March 10, 2008

More Squares

Yes I did a lot more this weekend.
I did different patterns, a few. The white one was just the Puff Stitch in teh center there. I used almost all my burgendy, we'll say I did. I have very little left. It was a nice soft one. I did some solid ones, but they were done using a K hook (for a change). They were softer as they were looser stitches. I did a few green, a few blue a lot white. And yes, I still have ends to weave in on a lot of them... But that can still be done. I'm thinking I'm going to try for 100 squares this month for this charity, but not sure yet. I'll work on them for a while and see where I'm at.

56 Squares Total


Terri said...

You've been tagged. Check my blog for more info.

Terri said...

Forgot to mention. You are rockin those squares.

Debbi-a1 said... is where I put my 7 things from being tagged.