Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Easy Vest--How To #1

This is some pictures on how to crochet this Easy Crochet Vest. Someone was asking about it on Crochetville, so I started it last night. This will show pictures as I make it, 2 posts for that, and then one post for the final pictures.

There are a lot of pictures (4) so be patient for it to load if you have to. This is from a 1969 Vest pattern on the Groovy Crochet archived site.

This vest is very easy. Just chain stitches and single crochet.
I used Red Heart Worsted Weight Yarn and a size K hook. Just so you know, I crochet very loosey so this may look a little different then yours if you want to.
I also choose Size Medium. So if you choose a different size you will have a different amount of loops for the fronts and back.

The pattern calls for working in "holes" these are also called, in other patterns, "spaces" or "loops" or anything similar. Usually that means that you work around the chain stitches and not in any stitches.

Here is the first part of the vest. I decided to make it short to get to the fronts & back, so this is what it will look like if you do a few rows. If you decide to make it longer, this will give you an ide of the first few rows and an idea of what it will look like:

Here ist he beginning of the front: Here is the arm hole opening. You will notice that there are 3 free holes that all sizes call for. And here's a picture of a front done: Some notes about the pattern:
I looks like the sizes aren't in paraenthesis, which they usually are. So for the right front top side if you'r working small you work across 4 spaces, medium 5 spaces, large 6 spaces. rows 2-5 you work across 3 (4, 5) spaces. Looks like you do that for 5 rows, then on row 6 you leave one space free, to make it one less. Work the pattern up to row 13, and the 14th row you do 1 (2, 3) spaces. 1 for small, 2 for medium, 3 for large. It looks like that you do the left front the same as the right front. They didn't write out the instructions, so you start on the same side as the front (you could call it the right side--they didn't call it either). Then you just work the same as the right side. I think it might be easier to start the back before the left front, so you can see where to place your first stitch easier. I did that, did the back before the left front. Just skipped 3 holes and started it. I counted over to make sure there was enough holes and there was. So if there isn't, I suppose you could leave one off the back and it would be fine (isntead of frogging). It would be smaller in the back, but for most women that would be better then the front.

Part 2: This has the top seems sewen and the boarder around it.

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