Tuesday, June 24, 2008

DWRQ Progress Report

No I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. If you're a member of Crochetville, you know that, as I post on there often, usually just replying to someone else beautiful finished crochet piece.

Here's a progress report on my Double Wedding Ring Quilt

I counted my pices this morning (so 9/20 means I've done 9 out of the 20 I need to do).

  • 9/20 Octangles
  • 10/31 Eyes
  • 3/12 Centers
  • 26/62 Color Bands
I created a speadsheet with check off boxes as I finish them to keep track of where I'm at and to keep myself motivated in finishing this. I loved seeing 26 of the colors checked off (almost half!). Plus as I said before I'm just working on individual pieces and then putting them together when I get time. I have 2 eyes with color bands attached to them and I just finished a center, so as soon as I can I can connect that to my afghan.

I'll post a pic soon. I might have time tonight to take a picture of what I have together and my pieces. I know I love seeing pictures, but I've been lazy in doing it for this project.... ;)

DWR Afghan Started - link to pattern and a picture of what I started on...

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