Thursday, June 26, 2008

DWRQ Photo

Double Wedding Ring Quilt Photo

It's not the best photo, I just took it quickly this morning but you can see where I'm at. I didn't even straighten the afghan... I just put it on the floor, as I didn't have time to play with it.Oh it is sort of puffing out. The color bands seem to be more stretchy or something and so when I sew them to the "eye" they puff up. So it does look kind of quilt like, which is okay.


2kute said...

that looks like a lot of work

Anonymous said...

I love the double wedding ring design. Keep up the good work. The whole afghan will come together, eventually. I've got an afghan WIP that I'm hoping to make some headway on this summer too. Let's all keep encouraging eachother to keep crocheting!


ladylinoleum said...

When you assemble it, the puffiness will subside due to the weight of the quilt. It looks great so far!