Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Little Purse - FO

I made this little purse this weekend. My "laundry mat" little purse strap stretched so much I've tied it like 3 times and the knots are annoying. So on this one I added ribbon to weave through the strap so it won't stretch. I weaved a ribbon through the top of the squares to have a draw string but don't know if I'll use it or not as a drawstring, but it matches and looks good. I added a key FOB so I don't ruin the strap and can find my keys easily.
PATTERN I got the idea from a Granny Square book (from about 1986) that I found in a second hand store. It was suppose to be a regular granny square, but I decided to do a solid granny square. Lined with basic white cotton fabric.
SIZE: Approximately 8" square.
YARN: I think Dazzleaire... not sure, it was in my stash without a label. So it worked for me!
Size H hook.

[clickable photo for larger photo]


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