Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Notebook & Cell Phone Cozy - FO

I made this to use at lunch when that's all I want to bring to if I'm just bringing my crochet.


The pattern is from the book "Needles to Hook", which is suppose to take knitting stitches and convert them to crochet. This was just a "half double crochet front post" stitch done twice. I can't remember which knit stitch it's suppose to look like. Most of them don't really look knit, but are close. The book does have some nice patterns in it though.

I used red heart super saver in real teal. The one I got from the second hand store for $1. And a G hook.

Oh there is suppose to be a button to close the top, and I'm going to add that today, I think I have one in my repair sewing kit I can use. If not I can get one, maybe a few of those little ones, which is bascially what I use if I don't care too much (and a project like this one I don't).

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