Thursday, August 21, 2008

Another update

To fix my blog: I checked the FAQ. It didn't have the answer. Then I found the answer through a message board (no CS number I could see... but this is a free blog). But couldn't get back to my original page to correct it. I havne't looked at my blog since (obviously). Maybe I'll feel like it later or when I complete some more crochet projects. I have some long term ones.

I started a Pillowghan to keep at work. There's a small loveseat and automan (sp) in a room before the ladies room where I can rest at lunch and sometimes it's cold. I was thinking of putting a strap on it, so if the room is occupied, I can go somewhere else and not be carrying around a pillow, just a bag... or I guess I could just walk back to my desk to drop it off... no biggy. But with a strap my hands are also free. And I could use the pillow elsewhere (even in my car, if I get tempted to really take a private nap). I'm just doing a simple granny square, one color to 15" and then doing a brown as the last round and join. The pocket square will be a variety of the colors as one skien of RH can make 3 squares with some left over. I'll need 4 colors. I have 4 squares done.

I also have my DWRQ still in progress. It's going but slowly for me. This will take me a while. I hope no one else gets discouraged, it can be completed quicker if you work on it on a regular and consistant basis and stop making WIPs for yourself (like me).

I also would like to try crocheting with beads on more projects then just like my blue beaded bag I made. But there isn't a lot of info. I looked at Crochetville and there's some information, but not a lot that I could see or that I'd want to do (don't want to do 1,000 tiny beads on size 10 thread using a size 12 hook--could I have worked with size 20 thread and probably the size 12 hook, can't remember--just don't want to). So I may just have to do trial and error. If anyone has any help or info on this, please let me know and post a comment. I've check and other sources, but maybe missed something. If you have something on your blog, please put a direct link to it, I would be ever so grateful. Maybe if you did a bead crochet project with some tips and info, that might help me with my trial and error process (with less errors LOL). Thanks in advance!

I think that's it. I think my other projects have become UFOs... or just will never been finished... maybe... of course most are afghans and have to wait until it's not so hot. So I probably will finish those. ;)

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Anonymous said...

Hi, do you have a pillowghan pattern you could share? I had one long ago and can not find it to save my soul!

If you would or could, OMG, you'd be my new hero!

TIA ~ ME (Marjie Ellis)