Monday, September 29, 2008

2 Special Olympic Scarfs - FO

[both clickable for larger photos]

Finished these this weekend. The first photo is a close up of both scarfs to see the pattern.

The White with Blue Boarder is just the stitch, 3 dc in sc, sc in middle dc of 3 dc on previous row. The blue with white boarder is the (2 dc, ch 2, 2dc) in the center with 2 dc on each side.

I did both with a dc boarder.

These were super simple to do and I would suggest these type of patterns, as there's only 4 ends to weave in when you're done.

Okay, so I do have another one with about 12 ends to weave in, if not more. So of course it's sitting there waiting for ends to be weaved in.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Crochet Chatter

Last year I made a yarn angel to sit on my desk because I woke up depressed and felt I needed and angel and whiped it up that morning and took it to work to sit on my desk.

I had a coworker come by and ask for several (I think 15-20) of those little angels. And as I looked at the one I made, I messed up on it, but didn't care for me. For her I had to figure out how to do it without the mistake. And write down the pattern to remember. Then I made it too big, bigger then the one I made (I never showed her it was only one). So I made another one, a smaller one and these were the ones I made for her.

A few years ago I made size 3 thread snowflakes for coworkers for Christmas gifts. This year the same coworker asked me to make them for her. I said sure.

The angels I only charged $2.50 each, they were out of yarn and she's been a good coworker/friend. The snowflakes are going to be only $1. They are out of size 3 thread, usually 2 rounds. So I guess I have to go yarn shopping. Besides I figure a ball of thread is $1.57 (walmart raised the price from $1.29 or something, but it's still a GREAT price) and I can get several out of that one, I'm sure.

I'm also working on my 6 - 24 point afghan. But it's been hot. Suppose to be 86 for the next 5 days or so.


I also decided to also to do some scarfs for the special olympics. I figured they would be a good break from my afghan. (See Coats & Clark site for info or search

Oh and I did start a shawl, just half granny square with left over yarn in the colors aron and cafe, to have in my car as the week before church was freezing. And this way I could go out in my car and grab it. And with those colors it will match anything really. But that may have to wait for this other stuff.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Cabled Purse

Calbed Purse:
[clickable for larger photo]
And a close up with the lining easier to see:

I made this from a pattern on Crochetville

I made a mistake on sewing the strap (towards the back instead of in the center of the side seam) and so I put it away. Then I decided to finish it, as I like the bag part. Well I couldn't remember the color of yarn I used, so I used a Cafe color for the key fob and cell phone holder. Then decided to do a boarder around the top and button and button loop the same color so it all mached. And both colors match the lining (yes a cute doggy one I used for my blue beaded purse too).

6 Point RR More Progress

This is where I'm at so far. I have one more white corder to do (after 3 more colors).
[clickable for larger photo]
And the close up:

Yes it's going to take a while being all SC.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Size 3 Thread Doily #4 - a Pineapple

[clickable photo]

I made this one about 2 weeks ago.

I love doing these size 3 thread doilies.

This one took a little longer as I didn't think I had enough thread, so I stopped until I could get more, but it used up almost the entire ball! So then I made another one (I have to weave in ends and then I'll post it too).

I used a Size F hook.
I made up the pattern (I've done several pineapple doilies, as you know).

Oh it's not as odd as it looks, not blocked and not on a flat surface when I took the picture :blush:.

Friday, September 5, 2008

AA Round Riple Started

I bought Annie's Attic 6 Pointed Star Afghan pattern (available at Annie's Attic website or even through ePatterns as a download). This eventually goes to 12 points and then finally to 24 points.

I started it last night and here's what I have so far [all clickable for a larger photo]


I'm using an H hook. Someone said on a board to start with a smaller hook then what they suggest (I hook) and so I did. Then I couldn't remember where to use a larger hook, so I just kept going.
The pattern also called for working in the back loop, but I'm crocheting in both loops as I crochet loose and that doesn't always work out for me. I am turning like the pattern suggests. This way there really won't be a front and back, too much.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sept 12 is International Crochet Day

Everyone join on this day to crochet!
*crochet in plubic

If anyone stumbles across this blog and doesn't know how to crochet, a Free PDF to Learn to Crochet is here:

Has even info on hook sizes and stitches.

If you do know how to crochet, choose a pattern, any pattern and crochet in pulic!

Crochet Patterns -- Free.
*Crochet Pattern Central:
*Stargazer: (note: she's moving it to this site, so you may need to check out for a while for other patterns, but it is HUGE so that's why she's moving it).
*Crochet Poet's Pattern Collection:

I have others, but these are the 3 I look at the most, the others I'm not sure.

Bead Bracelet Try


Okay a very bad bracelet. Done with worsted weight cotton yarn, size H hook and large plastic pony beads. Just a chain stitch and then sc with scbead in between. I decided to try it because I needed a bracelet to match my lime green shirt ;)


Another photo of it flat (ignore the colorful crochet piece next to my leg... that's part of a UFO).

So what do you all think of this, please post a comment about my FO, I would like honest opinions (even negative ones).
I just want to know which direction to go to.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pineapple Doily, Size 10 Thread


I just finished this UFO. Yes finally. It's been in my drawer at work forever. I just made up the last 2 rounds because I have no idea where or which pattern I was using. I'm sure I was using one, it's too nice. At least I think I was.

I used Size 10 thread.
Size 4 steel hook.