Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bead Bracelet Try


Okay a very bad bracelet. Done with worsted weight cotton yarn, size H hook and large plastic pony beads. Just a chain stitch and then sc with scbead in between. I decided to try it because I needed a bracelet to match my lime green shirt ;)


Another photo of it flat (ignore the colorful crochet piece next to my leg... that's part of a UFO).

So what do you all think of this, please post a comment about my FO, I would like honest opinions (even negative ones).
I just want to know which direction to go to.


Yarnjeannie said...

I think it's a cute bracelet!

Melissa said...

I think it is cute. :) I like the idea you have for it. Have you thought about trying one done with thread too?

teakaycee said...

okay... my thoughts... Its CUTE!
its a great way to use up scaps of yarn. Its a great way to have a bracelet for every outfit. Its a great 'quick gift' idea. you know the one... where you realize its someones birthday that you wanted to give a little more than just a card.
Its a great 'added' gift idea. this is where you have a gift but would like to add a little something else to just finish it off.
You did good! I like it.. colors and idea!

Debbi-a1 said...

Thank you everyone. I am going to try it out in thread. Actually I did make this one fast, this morning to match my shirt ;) so it worked out fine for that.

Other opinions welcome, too.