Monday, September 15, 2008

Cabled Purse

Calbed Purse:
[clickable for larger photo]
And a close up with the lining easier to see:

I made this from a pattern on Crochetville

I made a mistake on sewing the strap (towards the back instead of in the center of the side seam) and so I put it away. Then I decided to finish it, as I like the bag part. Well I couldn't remember the color of yarn I used, so I used a Cafe color for the key fob and cell phone holder. Then decided to do a boarder around the top and button and button loop the same color so it all mached. And both colors match the lining (yes a cute doggy one I used for my blue beaded purse too).


Melissa said...

Cute purse.

teakaycee said...

VERY Pretty!!!! Great work!
So......... um... when do I get one... heheheheheeee
really nice purse!! ^5


Lesalicious said...

Cute very cute. Great job.:)

Patti said...

Very pretty purse! I can't line them great yet, lol.