Friday, September 26, 2008

Crochet Chatter

Last year I made a yarn angel to sit on my desk because I woke up depressed and felt I needed and angel and whiped it up that morning and took it to work to sit on my desk.

I had a coworker come by and ask for several (I think 15-20) of those little angels. And as I looked at the one I made, I messed up on it, but didn't care for me. For her I had to figure out how to do it without the mistake. And write down the pattern to remember. Then I made it too big, bigger then the one I made (I never showed her it was only one). So I made another one, a smaller one and these were the ones I made for her.

A few years ago I made size 3 thread snowflakes for coworkers for Christmas gifts. This year the same coworker asked me to make them for her. I said sure.

The angels I only charged $2.50 each, they were out of yarn and she's been a good coworker/friend. The snowflakes are going to be only $1. They are out of size 3 thread, usually 2 rounds. So I guess I have to go yarn shopping. Besides I figure a ball of thread is $1.57 (walmart raised the price from $1.29 or something, but it's still a GREAT price) and I can get several out of that one, I'm sure.

I'm also working on my 6 - 24 point afghan. But it's been hot. Suppose to be 86 for the next 5 days or so.


I also decided to also to do some scarfs for the special olympics. I figured they would be a good break from my afghan. (See Coats & Clark site for info or search

Oh and I did start a shawl, just half granny square with left over yarn in the colors aron and cafe, to have in my car as the week before church was freezing. And this way I could go out in my car and grab it. And with those colors it will match anything really. But that may have to wait for this other stuff.

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