Monday, December 22, 2008

2009 Crochet Goals

My 2009 crochet goals are as follows:
  • Snowflake Monday. There is a CAL on Crochetville, but I don't know if I'll join just yet. But that's where I got the idea. I can do at least one during my lunch. If it's a holiday or I don't do one, I can either wait until the next Monday or I could even do one later in teh week. This will give me 40+ snowflakes by the end of the year in time for Christmas.
  • Scarf a month. There's also a CAL for this. I like this idea. Great for Christmas gifts or charity gifts. I think I'll do them the first Friday. That way I can have them done. I usually can do one during my 45 minute lunch.
  • Dishcloth a month. This is my own idea. There is one for a weekly one, but I don't need to do a weekly one. Most everyone I gave to last year, I gave a TON so I think they're okay for a while. I figure 12 will be fine. And sometimes I do an easy one during lunch and can even do another easy and quick one (just double crochet) during lunch. I'll do this the second Friday (notice I save my easy ones for Fridays).
  • AFghans. I would like to give some more away this next year. I gave my brothers one years ago. My dad is using one I gave him years ago. I'll do a square or piece one during my lunch when I'm not crocheting other things. Then a full one at home. This way I'll also have them for gifts.
  • Something for me. I have my 6-24 point afghan that I'm working on. This is something for me. And then I'm not sure what. maybe the stained glass window afghan from AA.

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