Monday, December 22, 2008


Some disclothes I've made recently for last minute gifts. All peaches and cream yarn that I had left over from other dishclothes and market bags.
all clickable for larger photos:

#32 from The Big Book of Dischlothes. I changed the amount of stitches, but it's pretty easy to customize this. This one is quick and easy to do. Great if you need some fast dishclothes.

#53 from The Big Book of Dischlothes. I did up to row 5 and then did the edging. Mine eded up pretty big since I crochet loose. Just made up the edging to match the pattern as much as poosible.

Just a simple one I did (used a G hook, won't again, the yarns too thick). I did one row of SC and one row of DC and repeated that and finished with one row of SC. A SC edging.

#48 from The Big Book of Dischlothes. I changed it. The 4th round or so says to do a ch 3 between the dc, I didn't want it that open, so I just did another dc in the chain and then the ch 2 to keep the same amount of stitches around. I didn't do all the rounds, as I crochet loose and it ended up big enough. Finished with a boarder of SC.

I usually measure the dischlothes to fit my hand. If they're bigger then that, they're big enough. This way I know that they will work out fine for just about anyone.

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Crochet Goddess said...

Love the dishcloths. pretty colors. I hate you have to work on Wed.I come back to work on Mon and I have put in for a vacation day next wed and fri.