Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Me and Crochet info

I thought I'd do a post about me and crochet. Just to add something today ;) ... and to give you some more info.

Favorite yarn: Red Heart Super Saver. Yes I know some don't like it. But I do. I can get along with it if it's not too rough and if it is I save the yarn to use with a double strand project (did that with a verigated once). After I wash a project, it's nice a soft.

Favorite Hook: Boyle Crochet Hooks

Favorite Size Hook: Anything that will get me to gauge. I use to love steel hooks, size 4. I then loved large hooks for double strands, N hook (it's aluninum). Now just anything.

Favorite thing to crochet: Not sure. I like making a lot of things. Different things. I have a hard time crocheting things that are the same over and over. But I have once in a while. I don't mind doing something like a bunch of dishclothes if they're different patterns.

When started to crochet; when I was about 8. Maybe. I didn't keep it up of course. Then I did when I was a teen (I wasn't very popular and my mom crocheted and we started getting along so I took it up).

When read patterns first: After my mom passed away. She couldn't read patterns, and so I never tried. Then I wanted to expand and try new things.

Other Crafts enjoy: Bead jewelry (easy quick ones). At the moment, not much else.

Other crafts I've tried: I've done some cross stitch, but prefer easy ones, I get mixed up on larger projets. I've tried hand quilting (too boring). I've done plastic canvas (still have 3 little Christmas houses). I tried sewing by machine but can't do that at all. And other crafts. I did the old Mop Doll (have it in storage somewhere, use to get put out at Christmas I think, or did I throw it out because it got dusty and dirty... lol). Scrapbooking (really would like to do more and get back into it, but... ). Knitting (doubt I'll do that again, just can't get into it). I'm sure there are others...

Longest undone crochet WIP: I think I have a christmas color yarn afghan in the bottom of my closet... :blush: I just thought of it LOL. It was turning out nice, but then Christmas was over and so was the afghan. I think I took it up the following year, but it got lost in there. The yarn was a gift so it didn't cost me anything. One day when I clean I may take it out. Oh I also have a big oval tablecloth in thread. Again, the thread was a gift. I have it somewhere and I don't even know if it would fit a table (I dont' have an oval one, just wanted to make a big tablecloth) and if I even kept all the thread with it. Probably something else, hiding... lol

Crochet hate: What I hate: When I give a gift and they don't use it and it's suppose to be used. I don't want it saved... People who look down on people who use less expensive yarn or Red Heart just because they don't like it... knots in the middle of skiens of yarn... knot then yucky yarn then knot (had that happen recently)...

Crochet love: Patterns of all sorts! Old ones, new ones, funky ones, yucky ones. Well maybe not the yuckiest of yucky LOL. Not that I would make them all, I just like to look at them. Yarn, yarn, yarn.

I guess that's it for now.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Babette Squares--more

Another post because I did do some more of my Babette squares at lunch. And I like posting these. Besides when I review the posts I see all that I've done and feel like I'm accomplishing something because this is a BIG afghan to do. But very doable and actually pretty easy. Just time consuming. But fun.
Again I did 4 rounds because I can keep these as 4 round, make them into 6 or 8 or 10 or the last 12 round squares as needed. I've done that a few times. So that's why I still need about 25 of the 4 round ones... lol.

Round Ripple - Baby Afghan -- FO

My FIRST round ripple is done! I really liked it. Yes a Finished Object (FO).

This is is for a coworker who is having a boy.
This is done in Red Heart Worsted Weight Yarn and a Size I hook.
I didn't really follow any pattern, as I wanted the ripple to start sooner (didn't happen) then just did a ripple pattern on it.
Colors used: Windsor Blue... Light Sage... Bay Print (verigated).
39" in diameter
Here's a close up the top half circle you can see is the center:

I don't know if I would do a full size with one strand, it does take soooo long to do the last few rounds that a full size would be hard but still doable.

Monday, January 28, 2008

More WIPs (no pics)

Yea I know. I knew more WIPs (work in progress) like I need... well...

I had to start a baby afghan. So I bought some yarn on Friday. Started it that night. A lady is having a little party (not really a shower) this week. So I started a Round Ripple. It's coming along and I have 1 1/2 rows left to finish. I didn't choose traditional blue for the boy she's having and it's going to look nice. I thought I'd finish it by now so I didn't take a pic. Oh I'm not really following any specific pattern, I was hoping to start the ripple sooner so I just wingged it and kept going from there.... But there is a lot of round ripple patterns on the internet, if you want, just search. I am using Red Heart Worsted Weight yarn and a size I hook. I'll post the colors when I post the pictures (can't remember right now...)

But then Saturday I was bored and thought Micheal's is having a sale, so I bought some yarn. I decided to start the Heart Filet shawl (pattern: I bought Red Heart (it calls for Caron Simple Soft) and I used my Size I hook. I knew I would prefer to start from the bottom, so I did. I used a too big hook (didn't have the written instructions, but just the chart), so I frogged (ripped) out about 2 rows and just did the big top center hearts. I wanted it longer so my hair won't cover the main hearts. So I graphed out smaller hearts to put across the top (abuot 5 small hearts). So that's where I'm at. I have about 4 more rows to go and then a boarder (not sure on that part yet, what I'm going to do, maybe that lacy one on the site, it looks doable on any size shawl). It was super fast! I almost finished it Saturday, it was that easy. I want to do more filet shawls, but not sure what patterns I can use yet (I don't think there are very many out there). So since I was almost done thought I'd finish it, again, I didn't take a pic. LOL.

I will finish the baby afghan tonight so I can wash it tomorrow to have it ready for Thursday. Then I will finish the shawl.

Then back on my other WIPs.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Giant Rectangle Granny Square WIP

Here's an update of my WIP that I mentioned yesterday (with the link to the pattern in the previous post). This is a close up of the corner:
Here's another close up... sorry for the messy bed, I didn't make it and wanted to take a quick photo :blush:.... I put a pen in the center (my crochet hook was put away) so you can get an idea of where I'm at so far.

The Full Size Photo (link) isn't that great. The lighting in that room isn't that great. So I won't post it, you don't have to look at it.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Another WIP (no photo yet but link to pattern)

I thought I'd update. I started working on another WIP. I found the CAL in Crochetville brought up again and decided to work on it some more. It's a Rectangle Granny Square (pattern here: It's really easy. I started it last year and decided not to give it as a gift. I'm thinking I'll keep it and use it as a summer afghan... but not sure yet. I couldn't remember the hook I used (I didn't have the pattern with it) and so I figured an H hook would suffice. If I used a G or I hook (I know it wasn't bigger the stitches aren't that big), the H would be close enough. And last night I couldn't find my alumninum H hook, so I used a plastic one I got on clearance. Worked fine.

I'm going to post a pic tomorrow in the CAL and will also post one here. It's a Photo Friday thing. Then I can continue on my Babette. I figure if I do a Photo Friday on the Giant Granny Square Along CAL, that will motivate me to work on it, so that's why I figured Wed & Thurs., because then I have a little done LOL.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Babette update

This one is showing all that I have done. The very large one is the first panel. Then below it is the second panel, the right side is the 3rd, then left side the 4th. I think. LOL. I don't have the diagram right here and that's how I did it, so I 'm sure that's right. Above the large 12 round one will be the 5th I'm sure because it extends to the left side to add the 6th. I did the 7th, below at the bottom because I was going to start there. Then decided since I had the big 12 round one, to do from the center. The lowest right one needs to be frogged to be put on correctly... You can't tell but the top left is a very bright pink.
Oh I do have the center panel (1-4) all ends weaved in!! The lower bottom I don't have all of them weaved in, but will...
Here's a close up of several squares. The top center is the big 12 round one. And Here's a close up of a few squares.
And here's a close up of a few squares.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Bright & Lofty Scarf

Last night I went to Walmart and bought some more yarn for my Babette afghan. I even picked up a bright yellow. Then I was browsing the yarns just to look and see if there was something that caught my eye. I saw this yarn that was near the Light & Lofty yarn (Red Heart) and saw it had instructions for a one skein scarf. It cost me less then $4 for the skein. I had thought I should make me a new scarf every year, so here is the one I made for me.

Yarn: Red Heart Bright & Loft - Color: Beach
Hook: M - plastic (one I got on clearance)
Pattern: My own, just 8 stitches across... I started with DC and then decided to work some SC and then just kept up the SC and didn't frog... I figured no one would be able to tell and it's for me and I didn't care.

Yes it is a fluffy yarn, just like Light & Lofty, so I used a big hook.

The picture doesn't show how bright it is, so here's another picture of the yarn:

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Shawl - Pink Camo

Front of shawl (Sorry for the somewhat blurry pictures, took with cell phone camera... one day I need to splurge on a "real" digital camera, until then this will suffice):

Back of shawl (not sure why it has the arrow, but it's verigated, so that's what happened):
Close up:
This is very very easy to do. Start at the bottom and work my way up. This is the second one I did like this. is the blue and pink and white one I did.

I used Red Heart Super Saver Worsted Weight Yarn, Pink Camo for the center and white for the boarder. Took about 3 skeins of the Pink Camo, leftover white. I can't remember the hook size, probably an H. I did this a while ago and realized I didn't even post it on Crochetville and was going to wear it today so I took a picture to post.

If you'd like a pattern to one similar (very easy to do), Here's one:Half Granny Square Shawl this is just like the one I did.
Half Granny Square instructions this one is similar but a little different but looks as easy and very popular pattern.

Babette - 4 Round Squares - more

Yes more. I had some time and wasn't feeling very well and so I wokred on more squares. I have about 30 done (cheer) and lots with ends still in them. :blush: So I'm going to work on that and I think I'll post them as I finish them since that's all I'm going to be working on for a while. This way I can see that I'm finishing things and getting things done.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Babette - 12 & more 4 Round Squares

Here's the BIG 12 round square.

And this weekend I had a lot to do and was stressed, so I just did a bunch of 4 round squares. From one of the last ones I did last week, I made it a 6 round square and may with these but not sure. I figure I still need a ton of 4 round ones, and since I haven't done too many 6 or even one 8 or 10 round one, these are good beginner squares. My 2 round ones I'm waiting on so I can make sure the last round doesn't match the other squares. They're too easy anyway :) .

Friday, January 11, 2008

Babette 3 More Squares

I did some more squares for my Babette. I had some 3 round pink ones and some 3 round purple ones and these are what I did with them. I'm not sure if I'll leave them as 4 rounds or not. I need 49 of the 4 round ones, so maybe. I added a shadow to maybe make the photo better.

This next one is one round of the pink (I frogged [ripped, ripped out] the remainder of the pink), added 2 rounds of the Kelly Green and 1 round of Orange:

This next one is the 3 round purple and I used the pink from the above square I frogged.

I still have a lot to do, so we'll see what I'm doing with these. I have a spreadsheet I created to print and I am writing down which color I use for which round to keep myself organized.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


UFO - unfinished object
WIP - Work In Progress

Help! I'm drowning.... gulp, gulp...


I didn't realize I had so much until I started writing them down here. I need to spend some time finishing up these things.

WIP: this is a Stained Glass Scrap Yarn Granny Mile a Minute type afghan. I started this before Christmas, even joined the Crochetville CAL but changed my mind on giving it as a gift (thought it might not be warm enough and chagned my mind on gifts to give). It's a realy simple and easy pattern and uses some stash, not a lot of your scrap yarn, but some. I forgot about this one :blush: until someone mentioned it at crochetville. I made the strips, even boardered some (and of course minus weaving in lots of ends).

RR. Yes my round ripple is still unfinished. But is it a UFO, something that is just sitting there? or a WIP? I'm considering it a WIP as I am going to finish it soon.

Color of Waves Bag. This is a WIP because I haven't finsihed it yet, but I just started it LOL. I am almost finished. Need to do a SC around the handle, add the lining. I will finish before this weekend as I need it for Sunday LOL.

Babette. This is a WIP as I just started it and I am working on it.

I have a few other UFOs I know.
8 Pocket Tote from the lionbrand website and CAL. That is really a UFO. I need to sew it together and do a lining. Wouldn't take long. The 8 pockets aren't separate. There is one long panel for the front and back, add the 2 long straps and you have 3 pockets made on each side. I figured it would make a great WIP bag... LOL.

Half Moon Shawl from the lionbrand website patterns. I did this in a thick yarn I had left over from a bag I didn't do. I don't know if I have the hook with it and I'm sure I changed it. Maybe it could be a short one or I could add more with another hook. I think I used a P hook but not sure. I'm almost done... how pitaful is that, I think 2 more rows... ugh... lol. I need to reprint the pattern as I didn't see it with it last time I went through my crochet stuff.

This past weekend I found a Rectangle Granny I started for a gift and didn't finish as I changed my mind, yet again. I have some of the purple still, I used some purple in another project but have some left. I could add some white to it or even another purple, maybe a verigated. That would be cute. So a UFO for now. It's so simple I should work on it while I watch a movie I've seen over and over. Or just to relax when I wake up at night. hmmm....

I think I have 2 vests. One that was suppose to be a sweater but didn't finish it, don't have the yarn, hook or pattern LOL. So it would be a vest as I have the fronts & back. I put these away somewhere...

2 purses. I have them crocheted. One with ends weaved in, just need to add the lining and I have the fabric. The other I need to weave in eneds, add the handle (crocheted) and add the lining I have. But since I have a purse I'm using and love (my blue one) I see no rush in finishing these... lol.

Okay I think that's it (or all I want to remember at the moment).

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Waves of Color Tote WIP

Another bag started. And yes another WIP, but this one will be done quickly.
I need one for my church stuff because it's the perfect size. I had a big pink one when I taught the kids but that's too big and my fabric one had a marker bleed on it (opps.... ;). So I needed a new one and taking out and putting back in from my Brown Waves of Tote worked great, but not taking out and putting in things over and over again... So now that the holidays have calmed down and I'm almost done with my Round Ripple (since I don't know the date of the housewarming, no rush... right... lol), I figured I could make this bag. I started last night.

Pattern from Crochetville: Waves of Color Tote
Yarn: Red Heart Worsted Weight, I used Country Blue and Painted Deseret.
Hook: Size H

The entire bag that I've done, up to now (with the hook through it): A close up of the bag to show the colors better:
And the skiens of yarn:

Monday, January 7, 2008

Babette Started

Start of the Babbette from the Interweave Crochet Spring 2006 issue. (And available here: You can also check out various websites and blogs to see what others have done [Crochetville is one].)

I thought I had done it wrong. Well I had :blush:. But found I could make it right. Yeah!

Note: If you don't have the pattern you may be confused, so read at your own caution... lol... So I removed the 4 round one and thought now what. I didn't want to remove the 2 of the 2 round ones, so I looked and looked on the diagram and found a part I could do and it would work better! I was giong to do panel 10, but then decided if I start with panel 8 and 7 (which is the 2 round and 4 round, plus 2 six rounds on the other side of the 2 rounds) I could make a square afghan and see what size it is. I would leave off panel 9 and 10 until I see what size it is as those would be last. The pattern called for sportsweight yarn or yarn working with a smaller hook, F I think... I'm using a G hook.

I'm not cheating, really. I did some 2 round squares and even 3 round squares for another 2 afghans, one that I'll never finish, I don't like it and use it as a lapaghan for myself. The other was the Tetris and I don't know if I want to do that one now, I thought it would be cute but didn't like my diagram (no pattern we had to make our own) and it wasn't working out anyway. So I'll use those squares.


I am still working on this. I have 2 rounds left (maybe) but wanted to start the Babbette. I would like to finish this RR, so hopefully this week.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Round Ripple Started

My friend called before Christmas to announce she had moved into a house and would have a house warming in January. I thought I'd make her a round ripple. But it was taking so long. I saw on Crochetville a lady who posted a 3 strand round ripple with a Q hook she made on New Years eve. I decided I liked it, but not a Q hook or 3 strands. So I started one with an N hook and 2 strands. Just black and white.

Here's a close up and you can see how big it is with the measuring tape:

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Butterfly & Bear

Made these for my friends twins. I did 2 different things as they're not identical and I figure they can choose their favorite. Although since 3 daugthers out of 4 have bears, I guess I should make one more... lol

Butterfly was just made up. I saw one in the Annies Attic catalog and just copied it. Bear kind of made up. I've made others so it wasn't hard. I did do the ears from another pattern, but then folded thm in half.

Blue Beaded Bag & Cell Phone Holder

It was called the Hippie Bag from the Crochet! July 2006 issue. I added ribbon and a cell phone holder.
I changed it, of course. I weaved ribbon through the strap, added ribbon to the top to "close" and made it bigger (just added stitches it was easy to figure out). And of course the cell phone holder.

Close up of cell phone holder. I had one silver bead left so I did it as the "button" on there to remove if I want to carry my cell phone. I added the "drawstring" because on my other one it kept falling out... ;)

Lining I choose. Yes it's a Dog one. LOL. I got enough for another bag so I bought some Warm Brown and started another bag.
Close up of the beads and bobbles on the purse, yes those are the silver beads on the bottom, hard to see that they are silver.

Friend's Afghan Done

Yep, finished. I quickly took this picture right before I delivered it. I almost forgot ;)
I just threw it on a chair and took the picture. She loves it!

Check out the November 26 post for more info if you want more (pattern and individual square picture). And then December for updates to see how it progressed.