Thursday, June 26, 2008

DWRQ Photo

Double Wedding Ring Quilt Photo

It's not the best photo, I just took it quickly this morning but you can see where I'm at. I didn't even straighten the afghan... I just put it on the floor, as I didn't have time to play with it.Oh it is sort of puffing out. The color bands seem to be more stretchy or something and so when I sew them to the "eye" they puff up. So it does look kind of quilt like, which is okay.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

DWRQ Progress Report

No I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. If you're a member of Crochetville, you know that, as I post on there often, usually just replying to someone else beautiful finished crochet piece.

Here's a progress report on my Double Wedding Ring Quilt

I counted my pices this morning (so 9/20 means I've done 9 out of the 20 I need to do).

  • 9/20 Octangles
  • 10/31 Eyes
  • 3/12 Centers
  • 26/62 Color Bands
I created a speadsheet with check off boxes as I finish them to keep track of where I'm at and to keep myself motivated in finishing this. I loved seeing 26 of the colors checked off (almost half!). Plus as I said before I'm just working on individual pieces and then putting them together when I get time. I have 2 eyes with color bands attached to them and I just finished a center, so as soon as I can I can connect that to my afghan.

I'll post a pic soon. I might have time tonight to take a picture of what I have together and my pieces. I know I love seeing pictures, but I've been lazy in doing it for this project.... ;)

DWR Afghan Started - link to pattern and a picture of what I started on...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Over 100 posts

Wow over 100 posts.

Not much to add right now. I'm in the middle of several WIPs. I think too many. Some are just about done, but I really want to focus on my
wedding ring afghan (link). Of course I would like to finish the WIPs. Who wouldn't? lol. I don't know when I'l post an update on the quilt. Besides working on WIPs I've been busy. I do have quite a few pieces done. The last few days I've been working on edings for the pieces (different color then most of the pieces). So it's getting ready to be put together.

I know I should do a Thankful Thursday post, but today I'm not feeling very thankful for much. Well there's always the usual. And I'm sure there are other things, but right now... nothing important enough to write.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Just a quick HI

Oh I haven't posted. Either I haven't wanted to crochet or I just want to start something new or something.

Last Friday, May 23, we had to put our male dog to sleep. :cry:

The male is one the left and the female on the right. This was taken early in May. You can see he's not very well, but trying to be well. I wondered if his legs hurt because you can see he had been licking them. He was about 12. Our female is about 9. I took a ton of pictures with my digital camera and now I'm really glad I got it. I have about 200 but of course, not all are that great. I think maybe 50-75 aren't that great (the dogs moved or I moved).

Not much to post as I started 2 new WIPs :blush:. LOL. I am almost finished with them, but not yet and since the finishing usually involves sewing or weaving in ends, it could take a while... lol.

I am working on the Double Wedding Ring Quilt pieces. I can do those easily at lunch at work or I did some last week at the laundry mat while I was waiting.