Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Shell Stitch Shopping Bag - FO

Using my V-Stitch Pattern for a shopping bag as a start, I made this one using shell stitches (2 dc, ch 2, 2 dc). I used Peaches and Cream cotton yarn called "Rainbow". Used a size H hook.
[clickable photo for larger photo]

Little Purse - FO

I made this little purse this weekend. My "laundry mat" little purse strap stretched so much I've tied it like 3 times and the knots are annoying. So on this one I added ribbon to weave through the strap so it won't stretch. I weaved a ribbon through the top of the squares to have a draw string but don't know if I'll use it or not as a drawstring, but it matches and looks good. I added a key FOB so I don't ruin the strap and can find my keys easily.
PATTERN I got the idea from a Granny Square book (from about 1986) that I found in a second hand store. It was suppose to be a regular granny square, but I decided to do a solid granny square. Lined with basic white cotton fabric.
SIZE: Approximately 8" square.
YARN: I think Dazzleaire... not sure, it was in my stash without a label. So it worked for me!
Size H hook.

[clickable photo for larger photo]

Doily - Size 3 Thread FO

Another doily using Size 3 thread and an F hook.

[clickable photo]

PATTERN From Crochet World June 2008. I only did up to round 12 and changed that round a little to make it a final round.

Approximately 10"

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

MP3 Cover - FO

Decided to make an MP3 cover to carry my player in easily. I used a pattern idea from Crochet magazine, Setp/Oct 07. I used my left over yarn that matches my purse, the Peaches & Cream cotton in Mocha (pink and brown and white). Used a Size H hook and all single crochet. I made the strap long (not too long) so I could wear it on my shoulder to neck. Yesterday I used it while I was filing at work and it made it so much more bareable. I hate filing :( .

This photo shoes it closed and it fits nicely and stays (so far). Also shows the magazine cover.
I wanted a cover so I can carry it at lunch or whenever.
I figured an MP3 player would be nice, then I could put Autobooks on, I love to read but also love to crochet, so this way I could combine the two. Plus I love music, so then I can listen to it too. And listen to the music I want.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dollar Store Art (Crochet picture)

I was at the dollar store and they had some "art" pictures and I found this one, which I thought was so cute!

You can't see it too well. But it's a granny square afghan and the squares are done in verigated yarn. There's a ball of black yarn on the ground the kitten knocked down ;)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Heakelbeutel Bag (BIG bag) - FO



I used Peaches and Cream cotton yarn. Color: Black Cherry.My squares were big so it ended up big.
I used an G hook and crochet loose so my squares were 6".
The bag is 16" wide and 22" long (from point to bottom, not counting handles).
I only chained about 45 for the handes as I didn't want long ones.
I didn't understand the pattern, aparently there's an error in it (found out after I started, it's in the CAL on Crochetville) so I decided to do the basic solid granny square for mine.
I didn't line it. I'm going to use it as a WIP bag for things like baby afghans and shawls.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

New Bag WIP (Haekelbeutel )

I needed a break from my DWRQ so I did this project, then wanted some quicker to finish ones. So I did the cozy & eye mask. But kept going on this bag as I want to finish it.

Here's where I'm at with this bag for now. The pieces laid out (one 4 strip has all ends woven in except the very end to sew to the other pieces).

Close up with a better idea of the color.


Using Peaches & Cream in Black Cherry.
Using a Size G hook
Sewing pieces together.

I will be lining it. I crochet loose so the squares are 6 inches.

Not sure how much yarn I used, I just bought the big cone and used that. There's still a lot left. But that will go for the handle and edging.


Notebook & Cell Phone Cozy - FO

I made this to use at lunch when that's all I want to bring to if I'm just bringing my crochet.


The pattern is from the book "Needles to Hook", which is suppose to take knitting stitches and convert them to crochet. This was just a "half double crochet front post" stitch done twice. I can't remember which knit stitch it's suppose to look like. Most of them don't really look knit, but are close. The book does have some nice patterns in it though.

I used red heart super saver in real teal. The one I got from the second hand store for $1. And a G hook.

Oh there is suppose to be a button to close the top, and I'm going to add that today, I think I have one in my repair sewing kit I can use. If not I can get one, maybe a few of those little ones, which is bascially what I use if I don't care too much (and a project like this one I don't).

Summer Cotton Eye Mask - FO


I made these using Peaches and Cream Cotton in Mocha Swirls (yes left over from my purse). I decided I needed a summer one, the satin one is too hot.

Summer Cotton Eye Mask

I made this using Peaches and Cream Cotton in Mocha Swirls (yes left over from my purse). I decided I needed a summer one, the satin one is too hot. Below is the eye mask next to the satin one I copied to make the pattern.


Since I crochet loose, it is open, but I can fold up the bottom and it's dark enough for me. Very comfortable and breatheable for summer.