Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Rose Bath Puff

I saw a pattern. Printed it out. Found out you had to do 3 pices. And the "rose" was 2 parts each one long piece you had to roll up and sew together. That's why it was 7 pages. No thank you.

So since I was at lunch with no computer, I just made up one. I decided to do the Irish Rose style. Then since I had enough SC in the first round, I then SL ST to the back and did another Irish Rose on the back. Then I did the chain. No fastening off. All one piece. I think it's kind of small, so I may try another one (after I try this one out) with one more round or petals.

I used peaches and cream WW yarn and one strand of size 10 thread (I read another post while searching for scrubbies or bath puffs that the size 10 helps make it more scrubby, so I thought I'd use both strands together).



Ami's -- Teddy & Circle

I decided to make some Ami's for my friends twins. I was going to do a bunch but ran out of tmie. Since we're celebrating late, I took pictures late.... ;)

I found a pig ami, but then decided to do a circle. Was going to do a circle, square, triangle, etc. But again, ran out of time and attention span to the amis.

And then I decided I did need something else for the other twin. Since my
Gingerbread Doll (link) was pretty good, I decided to make it a bear.




Monday, December 29, 2008

Sort of Vintage Pattern for Doily

(yes it's white)
Pattern: mar/apr 08 Crochet Today. It was titled Runner Redux. It was from a vintage tablecloth pattern. I think I remember seeing it on the web somewhere (may not be there still). The part in each motif with the solid part was all SC in the tablecloth pattern, CT changed it to the last round DC, probably to make it faster.
Thread: Size 10
Hook: Size 2
Size of doily: approximately 15".

What I changed: center fill in same 2 rnds as motifs with 3rd rnd similar to joining rnd of motifs, but added long chains for the sp between the motifs.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008



Made these for my aunt for Christmas. I think she has bad foot circulation and they get cold, so she loves my warm thick slippers.. The photo looked brighter on my cell phone. you still get a general idea.

I used red heart yarn.
2 strands.
Size N hook.

I made up the pattern. I did it in rounds from the toe up to the heel area and then worked in rows and then did the top edging. All one piece. Then I left a long end and sewed up the heel.

I used SC for the toe part, hdc for most of the rest, but added sc where needed to make it fit. The top edging is sc. I did a *sc dec* on every other stitch on the top boarder to close it up a bit.

I made many of my slippers this way.

Monday, December 22, 2008


Some disclothes I've made recently for last minute gifts. All peaches and cream yarn that I had left over from other dishclothes and market bags.
all clickable for larger photos:

#32 from The Big Book of Dischlothes. I changed the amount of stitches, but it's pretty easy to customize this. This one is quick and easy to do. Great if you need some fast dishclothes.

#53 from The Big Book of Dischlothes. I did up to row 5 and then did the edging. Mine eded up pretty big since I crochet loose. Just made up the edging to match the pattern as much as poosible.

Just a simple one I did (used a G hook, won't again, the yarns too thick). I did one row of SC and one row of DC and repeated that and finished with one row of SC. A SC edging.

#48 from The Big Book of Dischlothes. I changed it. The 4th round or so says to do a ch 3 between the dc, I didn't want it that open, so I just did another dc in the chain and then the ch 2 to keep the same amount of stitches around. I didn't do all the rounds, as I crochet loose and it ended up big enough. Finished with a boarder of SC.

I usually measure the dischlothes to fit my hand. If they're bigger then that, they're big enough. This way I know that they will work out fine for just about anyone.

2009 Crochet Goals

My 2009 crochet goals are as follows:
  • Snowflake Monday. There is a CAL on Crochetville, but I don't know if I'll join just yet. But that's where I got the idea. I can do at least one during my lunch. If it's a holiday or I don't do one, I can either wait until the next Monday or I could even do one later in teh week. This will give me 40+ snowflakes by the end of the year in time for Christmas.
  • Scarf a month. There's also a CAL for this. I like this idea. Great for Christmas gifts or charity gifts. I think I'll do them the first Friday. That way I can have them done. I usually can do one during my 45 minute lunch.
  • Dishcloth a month. This is my own idea. There is one for a weekly one, but I don't need to do a weekly one. Most everyone I gave to last year, I gave a TON so I think they're okay for a while. I figure 12 will be fine. And sometimes I do an easy one during lunch and can even do another easy and quick one (just double crochet) during lunch. I'll do this the second Friday (notice I save my easy ones for Fridays).
  • AFghans. I would like to give some more away this next year. I gave my brothers one years ago. My dad is using one I gave him years ago. I'll do a square or piece one during my lunch when I'm not crocheting other things. Then a full one at home. This way I'll also have them for gifts.
  • Something for me. I have my 6-24 point afghan that I'm working on. This is something for me. And then I'm not sure what. maybe the stained glass window afghan from AA.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Crochet Christmas Tree


Yes I made one.
I made it a few weeks ago but couldn't get it off my camera. This is taken with my cell phone.

I used the pattern just about everyone on crochetville was using

I did change some of it though.
After row 3, I think, I decided to finish it off with one more row. It was taking a lot of yarn and a lot of time.

Then I bought a cone at the dollar store to just glue it on. I thought the silver would show through. Doesn't. It didn't go to the top, so I made up a top part and added to the tree, that's why the very top doesn't go out.

I found the orgnament, garland and star in one package at the dollar store.

My coworker who I made the stars for liked it and I think she was thinking she would like one. So hopefully next year I can find the pattern... ;) Yes I took it to work to add to my displays on my desk.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Crochet Necklace


Using the idea from the Lionbrand Bobble Necklace, I made this.
I didn't have the pattern and just made the bobbles as big as I liked.

I found a pendant at Micheals and the size 3 thread there too. I used an F hook. Luckily the pendant had a big enough hole to put the thread through. I looked for beads to match or something else to work and nothing did or it was beads I didn't want to work with (too small), so I thought, I'll just crochet it! I was looking for something lime green anyway to match a new lime green sweater I just bought.

I'm glad Micheals had the thread so I could match the pendant.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Size 3 Thread Quick and Easy Doily


Not blocked but you get the idea. ;)

It's a VERY EASY doily. And a QUICK one to make. It only took me 2 lunches, so maybe 1 1/2 hours, probably less.

I used size 3 thread.
Size F hook.
Pattern: My First Doily (
http://www.crochetnmore.com/myfirstdoilybyvictoriagable.htm ).
I changed the edging. I did 5 dc in between the (dc, ch 2 dc) and then a sc in the other ch 2 space. I like scallopped edgings on my doilies.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Stashbusting: Gingerbread Doll, Snowman, Yarn Snowflakes

Crocheted this weekend. A lot. Yep all this was from my stash. I made a few small things to counteract the large afghan I'm making for my friend for Christmas.

All clickable for larger photos

Made this using the Crochet World, December 2008 pattern for the gingerbread doily. I just used yarn instead. Size H hook. It's about 12" tall. I left long ends on the pieces and used that to sew it together except the very last part which I didn't have enough. Used left over yarn on this too!
Joined the snowman CAL at crochetville and finally made a snowman. I just made up the pattern. Found some white yarn (left over from something) and decided to make it.
Was waiting on someone and made some WHITE snowflakes out of some left over yarn. I was too lazy to weave in ends so I just used those as the ties.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Hearts Coaster

From the Crochet Today Jan/Feb 2009 issue. Yes the new one. This is super easy!


Yes it's white... it's my cell phone with no flash...

I used size 3 thread (of course) and a size F hook.

This would be a good first thread project for anyone.
Maybe took me 15 minutes with weaving in of ends.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

5 More Snowflakes

More snowflakes.
Size 3 thread.
Size F hook.

For my coworker who is buying them for $1 a piece. She loves all that I give her.

I have other crochet to post, but my camera isn't cooperating. Actualy it's the software. It said it transferred all to my C drive but I can't do anything with them. Then when I try to retransfer them, the software shuts down. And to top it off, I don't know where my CD is... ugh. I hope I didn't accidentally recycle it. We got a new recycle bin from our city and I was making sure I put all my cardboard in there and the box the camera came is is cardboard. I'm thinking I didn't, but I'll have to look or find a way to get the software off the internet from my work computer onto a flash stick to put on my laptop.... I think I'll look tonight to see if I can find the disc.
[clickable for larger photo]