Thursday, January 29, 2009

Heart Doily

[clickable for larger photo]

This was a WIP that I had in my work desk drawer forever. That's why it's off white, I think it's suppose to be white (haven't washed it yet) but just got dusty. :blush: okay a :big blush: ;)

I used a size B hook. that's what was with it.
Size 10 thread.
I don't know what pattern started the doily, but I was up to the top of the hearts. I don't even know if they were suppose to be hearts, but I think working on valentine stuff made me think they did, so I did the top of the hearts in a dc dec and just made it up as I went along on that round and the rounds after. I couldn't think of an edging, tried 2, then just did a sc around the chain loops.


Anonymous said...

I love this!

tanya904 said...

It is really beautiful :)