Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

From Riohnna at
I couldn't figure out how to comment on her blog to thank her, I'm sure there's a way and maybe I can figure it out. So I will say a thank you here.


So now I can think of a few I visit and I want to send this award to the following fellow bloggers:
Of course Beck's Crochet Blog (HP items too) . I love seeing her work. She does a lot of picture type crochet where she does pictures or graphs in afghans and bags.

Crafty Ashley , she just had a baby, just moved before having the baby and has more kids and a husband, so she hasn't updated lately, but she does great crochet work.

Lesalicious AKA Lesa blog is a great one. She does crocheting and sewing. Has a cute little girl she gets to make things for.

Usually I visit blogs that are listed on other's blogs. I like it when it specifies if it's crochet, as that is what I mainly look for. I also like to read the ones on Crochetville under the post "Have you updated your blog today", since people post there when they've updated and I can read current blogs. So if I didn't nominate you but I've visited and commented, it's because I can't remember all of them :blush: . If you notice I haven't updated my side of blogs I visit. I just like to surf and read and visit various blogs.

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You are very welcome!