Monday, January 26, 2009

Sweetheart Ripple Progress & Correcting Mistakes

[clickable for larger photo]
This is where I'm at so far. Not the best photo, but better then the other one I took... yes my shadow with my cellphone and hands in it LOL. I have 13 hearts going up this. I took it with more of the ripple this time.

I edited the last post to explain how I did the hearts ( ).

Correcting Mistakes on this:

[clickable for larger photo]
On the crochetville post someone mentioned missing a stitch or having an extra one. Usually I can catch them going from the point or hill to the valley. Well I missed this one while I was doing the fptrc-sc stitches, where my hook is. See above the hook. There's one extra stitch. So on the row above it, I caught the extra stitch. So I just did a sc dec. And it doesn't effect any other hearts or rows as you can tell.



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Anonymous said...

It is beautiful!!!!