Monday, March 16, 2009

Sampler Square #7


I finally, finally finished this one. It's been in my bag for about a week. Mostly because I've been busy, tired, or crocheting something else. And then one time I didn't have the hook with me.

The pattern is called a Snowly Spiral Square because she used blue and white. Here's the pattern:

Same as the other ones (but in case you forgot or didn't see the other squares):
I used RH WW yarn in a Lavendar color.
Size H hook.
It's 12 inches.
I'll be making 20 of these for an afghan.


Rachel said...

Neat square! Your afghan is going to look great.

Riohnna said...

That is a nice square!

Germasidle said...

I like this square!!!
I have a question on your links to the pineapple shawl-to-curtain pattern....the links are dead. Do you happen to have another place to find them?? Thanks!!
-Shelley Staysik Germasidle