Monday, April 27, 2009

WIP Week: Scarf & Dishclothes

This week there's a CAL on Crochetville to work on WIPs. I found a scarf in my drawer and luckily had the hook with it. The dishclothes only needed ends weaved in.




[all clickable for larger photos]

The scarf was made with thrift store yarn, 50 cents, called Caron Wintuck, Color: Strawberry Fields. I got the yarn for the pattern on the label, the "Rose Trellis Afghan & Pillow". I have a little left, perfect for my ugly scrap yarn afghan I'm working on. The scarf is only a couple inches wide.

The dischlothes were made with LionBrand cotton. I don't remember the patterns, they've been in my drawer for a while. I completely forgot about them until today...

I'll be working on more this week. Most of my WIPs are ends needing weaving in. Or frogging.

Double Crochet Cardi



Close up of the stitches

[photos clickable for larger photos]

I used the the Double Crochet Shrug (link to pattern) as the basis for this. That's the arms and back. Then I worked in a circle around the piece and made the collar and front. I just made that part up as I went along. Because I was trying to hurry I made a ton of mistakes :blush: but oh well, it's still pretty nice.

I used about 12 oz of Red Heart WW yarn.
I used a Size K hook.

The DC Shrug is VERY EASY. It can be made to fit any size arm and any length you want. And takes only about 4 oz of yarn (if that).
To match my Necklace ( I made this ring and bracelet:

On my hand:

By itself:

[clickable photos for larger photos]

Pattern: Crochet Today mar/apr 2009 "ring around the rosie" but only 6 dc clusters and only 2 instead of 3 & "stones & stitches necklace" into a bracelet.
Thread: Size 3, Line green
Hook: Size D

Friday, April 24, 2009

White Socks

A side view:

Both socks:
A close up with my black notebook in it so you can see the stitch better:Photobucket
[all clickable photos for larger photos]

I decided to try some white, open socks. For summer.

Pattern: Made up. I was looking through a magazine and saw one similar to the granny square, but without the chain 1 between the 3 dc groups. I did do a ch 1 on the top fo the foot so it would fit better.
Yarn: Red heart baby soft. Some old I had in my stash. Half about half a skien left.
Hook: Size D.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring Color Socks

Someone said this looked like spring colors, so that's why I'm naming it that. Besides it's better then "Easter Basket" the actualy color name (if I had read it I would have made these over Easter ;) .




[all clickable for larger photos]

As you can tell they are comfortable and I did not want to put back on my shoes after putting them on for this "photo shoot". These ones I made a little longer so the first one would have more purple (it ended in purple). I don't have a pair that has purple in it. And I purposely made them different, not trying to match up colors.

Yarn: Barnat Baby Jacquares, Easter Basket color
Hook: Size D
Pattern: Made up. I did (3 dc in sc, sc in center of 3 dc) type stitch.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Ideas for Small Amounts of Yarn

I did do this large afghan with scrap yarn, but there are other ideas too:

  1. Coasters.
  2. Cover those free cd's we get in the mail to use as coasters or plant holders.
  3. Flowers.
  4. Frigies.
  5. Skinny scarfs.
  6. Fingerless gloves.
  7. Soap holders (for all those little bits and pieces), make in one piece, no opening.
  8. Soap holder--a filet style or open stitch
  9. Belts 
  10. Hair scrunchies
  11. Barrettes 
  12. Bows on barrettes.
  13. Toys for pets (I added a strand of household twine cotton to mine to make them more durable--we had big dogs)
  14. Towel toppers
  15. Headbands for winter or for fun maybe hippie style
  16. Plastic bag holder (for those plastic bags from the store)
  17. Resuable shopping/market bag (these can be even all different colors if you use them yourself)
  18. Water bottle holder
  19. Keychains (maybe use the applique patterns or little amis)
  20. Around a photo frame? Maybe add some flowers or applique to a plain one
  21. Bowl or basket to hold things in. Such as keys, rings, make up, everyday watch.
  22. Crochet around a pencil cup.
  23. Tissue box cover
  24. Toys (kids won't care if they don't match and may prefer that :)
  25. Buy a teddy bear and crochet clothes for it (great gift). I did that for a bunny I had out at Easter. Took very little yarn.
  26. Scrap yarn rug (did I post this all ready) Check FreePatterns for an oval rug 
  27. Swiffer covers
  28. Potpouri holder
  29. Mulit color hats
  30. Baby hats.
  31. Several colors for one scarf.
  32. Get some white (I stock up on it) and use that to make the more-then-one-color projects.  Black also works, as does tan, brown, gray. 
  33. Easter’s coming and I’ve been covering plastic eggs with my left over yarn. Same with Christmas orgnaments or other balls you can find. 
  34. Cover rocks with an open work motif for a paperweight
  35. Little bags (Dot’s Little Ditty Bag is super cute–on my to do list) for cell phones, etc.
  36. A bunch of sampler squares (I’m doing a sampler square afghan all in one color, but you could do them in different colors). 
  37. One round of a granny square. Join with invisible joining or leave long end to sew together and weave in the ends at the same time
  38. Cell phone holder (multi-color if needed)
  39. Dish scrubbies
  40. Scarp yarn afghan

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Blue and Brown Socks




[all clickable for larger photos]

Yarn: Used Bernat Satin Sport a Size 3 yarn.
Hook: Size 3
Pattern:I kind of made them up. I used the Snow-Day Socks idea of HDC , but did mine from the toe up and then an afterthought heel (heel done after). Since this pattern suggested a size 3 yarn, I decided to give that yarn a try. I don't find it much thicker then a size 1 sock yarn (I compared it against my sock yarn). I changed the cuff and did a FPHDC (front post half double crochet) and PBHDC (back post half double crochet). I like these cuffs. They stretch out nicely.

I really like these socks. They are soft and comfy (same as my Berries and Cream Socks I posted yesterday which I wore yesterday).

These socks used almost all the verigated color, so I'm glad I did a different color for the toe and heel. I would have ran out. I have a pink/green/brown type verigated to go with this brown so I'll have another pair similar when I get to it. Right now I'm going to try a pair where I do the heel with the sock, without fastening off. I'm using just one ball of yarn so I can do this.

Edited to add (4-24-09)
I wore my Bernat Satin Sport yarn socks all day Saturday and they held up great! Wore them from 10 am to 11 pm. I didn't walk all day but they were in my shoes. I did move a lot (especially washing my car and shopping). But they held up better then the sock yarn in the toe area, thicker yarn I guess. My feet only sweat a little, not enough to worry about it.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Socks: Berries & Cream




I wanted to make another pair of socks, of course. So I found this yarn, then had to decide on a stitch since there isn't a lot of sock patterns out there.

Yarn: bernat baby jacquards "berries & cream" a size 3 baby sport yarn
Hook: Size D
Pattern: I choose a pattern stitch from Crochet World pattern, it's just a (sc, dc) in the dc of the previous round. Kind of made it a spiral look on the stitches.

I might be using my 63 easy to crochet pattern stitches for an heirloom afghan patterns. Because as I said, there isn't a lot of sock patterns out there. Some and more seem to be coming but not a lot.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Snowflake #11, #12, #13

I got behind so now I'm catching up as much as possible with these. I need 15 to be up to date, I counted 15 weeks since Jan 5 (the first Monday of the year). Of course it really doesn't matter, but it's fun that way.



[all clickable for larger photos]
All with size 10 thread
Size 8 steel hook
Made up pattern as I went along. The last one I decided to do a more of an open one, sort of.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Crochet Cape

Again from my card in my camera. (read previous post why I'm posting so late).

I made up this cape because I couldn't find one I liked on in the internet. I wanted something warm to go over my shoulders for the winter. Just something simple and basic. So I made this up. It works nicely.

The first picture is a full view with a white shirt under it. The close up is with a black shirt under it.
I used Red Heart yarn. Can't remember the color, sorry. I wish I could, I like it LOL. Maybe someone can help me figure it out... ;)



Ulgy Afghan

Finally got some photos of my card (had to buy a card reader my camera software died and I can't find the disk or where to download any software--probably can't download it).

I made this afghan a long time ago. I think it's ugly. But it's very warm I used it all winter as an extra blanket over me.
I just used my left over yarn, the center of the afghan is verigated.
I used one strand of white and one strand of whatever I had. Yes I had that much yarn. I didn't use all of the black and white zebra print on the edge, but most of it.

I just used the V-st pattern (same as the 5 hour afghans on lionbrand website), but made the starting chain as long as I wanted and worked the pattern up.




Snowflake #9 and #10

#9 [clickable]

#10 [clickable]


I finally got back to my snowflakes. I made 2 today but couldn't weave in the ends just yet.
On #10 I decided to try puff stitches and LOVED it. I did wrapped the yarn around 5 times to create this puff stitch.
I finished both last rounds the same.

I used size 10 thread
Hook size: 8 steel
I just made them up as I went along, no pattern.
Both are a little over 2 inches.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Weekend Granny Square Blanket



Yes I made this in a weekend. It's not as big as I would like, but I was pretty much out of yarn and it was fine. And I wasn't feeling good so I was ready to stop anyway. Plus my Cardi is on hold until I decide what to do with it (yarn, stitch, pattern, etc), so I decided to crochet this afghan.

I used Red Heart Worsted Weight Yarn Super Saver and a size K hook and 2 strands of yarn.

I used Spa Blue (I think it was called that), 3 skiens, 2 skiens of white, 2 skiens of a blue verigated.

I did just a basic granny square. I've never done one with 2 strands (I think), so I decided to give it a try. Usually I get bored, but I figured with 2 strands it would be quick and I would get it done fast so I wouldn't be bored with something like this (my retangle one strand granny is a UFO).

Friday, April 3, 2009

2nd Pair of Socks

I made my second pair of socks!


One sock close up:

[clickable photos]

I used the Vee Socks for Me pattern but adjusted it. I didn't do the v-st in the bottom, wanted a more solid one, so I changed it to a double crochet. I just divided up the top from the bottom.

I didn't make them very long because I didn't think I'd have enough yarn, but I did and a bit left over for a toe and heel and maybe a little of a ribbing.

These were really easy, however if you don't know Front Post DC or Back Post DC then the ribbing can be a challenge. Or you can even change the ribbing.

Yarn: Bernat Sox, Hot Tamale color
Hook: Size C

How I make a button

Working on a new purse I made another button for it and thought I'd share how I did it. I'm sure there are lots of ways to make them and this may be posted elsewhere, but I don't remember seeing it anywhere.

You can use any size hook and yarn you want. I think I used a Size H hook (made it last weekend) and Red Heart Worsted Weight Yarn.

First start with a chain 4, then 12 dc in it (I chain 3 for the first dc) Fasten off. Weave in beginning tail. Leave LONG end.

Take that long end and weave it around the top of each double crochet. Just a whipstitch type stitch.

Next pull that tight. Thisis the back of the button when pulled tight. You may need to use your finger to keep the right side out (put your finger in the center and when you pull tight, it keeps the right side out). Weave in that end. I like to go through the front of the botton a little to make it flat. I suppose you to "stuff" it if you wanted. Or even put another button inside of it. Maybe a shank button if you want. Or even use this to cover up a button.
Finished project:

I added a chain loop on the opposide side of the purse.

The purse is still a WIP, as I need to sew on the strap and sew in the lining (hate sewing). I would like to get it done as my current purse isn't looking brand new (probably just needs a washing).

I used RH WW yarn on this button and purse.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Crochet Roses

I wanted to make some white roses for the teen girls in my church. There's only a few girls in our chruch, but I want to do 12 (just in case anyway) for an even dozen or maybe I'll do more, this will be for Easter.

I tried one pattern and it wasn't what I wanted. I tried this one and it didn't work. Then I added a little green to the bottom, similar to the other pattern and it worked perfectly.


One rose close up:

[clickable photos]

Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver, White and Green
Hook: Size G
Pattern: Crochet Today March/Arp 2009