Monday, April 27, 2009

Double Crochet Cardi



Close up of the stitches

[photos clickable for larger photos]

I used the the Double Crochet Shrug (link to pattern) as the basis for this. That's the arms and back. Then I worked in a circle around the piece and made the collar and front. I just made that part up as I went along. Because I was trying to hurry I made a ton of mistakes :blush: but oh well, it's still pretty nice.

I used about 12 oz of Red Heart WW yarn.
I used a Size K hook.

The DC Shrug is VERY EASY. It can be made to fit any size arm and any length you want. And takes only about 4 oz of yarn (if that).

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Rachel said...

Hey Debbi! That is a very pretty cardi! Thanks for posting the pics, it inspires me to want to make one :)