Friday, April 17, 2009

Ideas for Small Amounts of Yarn

I did do this large afghan with scrap yarn, but there are other ideas too:

  1. Coasters.
  2. Cover those free cd's we get in the mail to use as coasters or plant holders.
  3. Flowers.
  4. Frigies.
  5. Skinny scarfs.
  6. Fingerless gloves.
  7. Soap holders (for all those little bits and pieces), make in one piece, no opening.
  8. Soap holder--a filet style or open stitch
  9. Belts 
  10. Hair scrunchies
  11. Barrettes 
  12. Bows on barrettes.
  13. Toys for pets (I added a strand of household twine cotton to mine to make them more durable--we had big dogs)
  14. Towel toppers
  15. Headbands for winter or for fun maybe hippie style
  16. Plastic bag holder (for those plastic bags from the store)
  17. Resuable shopping/market bag (these can be even all different colors if you use them yourself)
  18. Water bottle holder
  19. Keychains (maybe use the applique patterns or little amis)
  20. Around a photo frame? Maybe add some flowers or applique to a plain one
  21. Bowl or basket to hold things in. Such as keys, rings, make up, everyday watch.
  22. Crochet around a pencil cup.
  23. Tissue box cover
  24. Toys (kids won't care if they don't match and may prefer that :)
  25. Buy a teddy bear and crochet clothes for it (great gift). I did that for a bunny I had out at Easter. Took very little yarn.
  26. Scrap yarn rug (did I post this all ready) Check FreePatterns for an oval rug 
  27. Swiffer covers
  28. Potpouri holder
  29. Mulit color hats
  30. Baby hats.
  31. Several colors for one scarf.
  32. Get some white (I stock up on it) and use that to make the more-then-one-color projects.  Black also works, as does tan, brown, gray. 
  33. Easter’s coming and I’ve been covering plastic eggs with my left over yarn. Same with Christmas orgnaments or other balls you can find. 
  34. Cover rocks with an open work motif for a paperweight
  35. Little bags (Dot’s Little Ditty Bag is super cute–on my to do list) for cell phones, etc.
  36. A bunch of sampler squares (I’m doing a sampler square afghan all in one color, but you could do them in different colors). 
  37. One round of a granny square. Join with invisible joining or leave long end to sew together and weave in the ends at the same time
  38. Cell phone holder (multi-color if needed)
  39. Dish scrubbies
  40. Scarp yarn afghan

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