Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring Color Socks

Someone said this looked like spring colors, so that's why I'm naming it that. Besides it's better then "Easter Basket" the actualy color name (if I had read it I would have made these over Easter ;) .




[all clickable for larger photos]

As you can tell they are comfortable and I did not want to put back on my shoes after putting them on for this "photo shoot". These ones I made a little longer so the first one would have more purple (it ended in purple). I don't have a pair that has purple in it. And I purposely made them different, not trying to match up colors.

Yarn: Barnat Baby Jacquares, Easter Basket color
Hook: Size D
Pattern: Made up. I did (3 dc in sc, sc in center of 3 dc) type stitch.


Alice said...

Oh, those are pretty-- I wouldn't want to put my shoes back on either!

Cherri said...

Those are beautiful, Debbi! As far as I'm concerned you are officially the queen of socks! Great job! Hugs, Cherri

Rachel said...

Hey Debbi! Those are great socks! Reminded me of Easter the moment I saw them :)