Wednesday, May 20, 2009


For my Ravelry group HPKCHC (Harry Potter) I had to make something that was from a fairy tale.

I was looking at patterns and found a bee. I then searched the fairy tale list and found a fairy tale called "The Bee and The Orange Tree". So I figured this would work out great.

I found another pattern I liked better and printed it at work. Left it at work. I thought, I could make up the body. So I did. I then continuelly forgot the pattern, so I finally made up the wings, eyes, and legs.

Since none of the photos turned out very good and I couldn't get all the bee in there, I took several.





Sweet Mama Jones said...

Cute! Looks just like the one the lady that owns the LYS made & is now buzzing around the shop. She took a crochet pattern and knit hers me thats like reading a Japanese book outloud in English! But she did crochet the wings. Love your BEE!

Yarnjeannie said...

Way too cute! I love it.

Rachel said...

aw your bee turned out great!

crookedcrochet said...

I wish bees were actually this cute in real life! Then perhaps I wouldn't have to keep running away from them screaming.