Monday, June 1, 2009

Crochet Socks in 24 Hours

24 hour crochet socks

I had some left over yarn. It was one ball of the yellow and pink (changes colors) and then some white. I made these. Yes they only took 24 hours. Simply because it was dc on the foot and and ankle, which was very short. I did go through the ball of yarn to find some more pink to add to the ankle. On the ankle I did 4 rows of sc (2 in yellow, 2 in pink). The heels are sc. Basic toe up pattern with afterthought heel.

Actually these show how some could work if I had some solid color yarn and wanted to make some socks. I was thinking the Magic Ball method would work too (winding little bits of yarn onto a ball and tieing as you go along, then crocheting from that one big ball). That would be cute. Or if I had enough of the yellow or pink to use as toes and/or heels for white socks (doubt that).

I started another pair, but other things got in the way so they weren't done in 24 hours or done to post here. Almost done, just a bit of the heel left and weaving in the ends. I will post them another day, mabye tomorrow.

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Caroline said...

cute colors, reminds me of a banana split!