Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Eye Mask

I created another one. I was trying Illusion Crochet, but didn't quite make it. I think i crochet too loose. I used a tutorial on crafters forum, but that helped a little. So I made this eye mask. I don't think I'll try illusion crochet again. I love the way illusion knitting loks and wish I could do it with crochet. But oh well.

I have 2 photos below.
Here's the front. It's suppose to look just like stripes so you don't know what to expect.

charms eye mask 1

As you can tell, I decided to try 2 straps around the head to see how that might work out. I figured it would be fine.

I think a crochet eye mask will work better then a store bought satin one because it's more breatheable (word?). I may need to fold this over to keep it more dark, but that's fine.

And now the side, where the stitches are suppose to looked raised to create a picture, but this one is just a checkerboard effect.

charms eye mask 2

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