Friday, June 5, 2009

Magazines found at second hand store

I found a TON. Here are some pics. They were .25 cents each. It cost me $11.75 for this bundle.





Oh and something fun. Some of you know that I like Gregg Shorthand (another hobby of mine) and I found this add for another shorthand (One I learned years ago, but not in 6 weeks) in the 1958 magazine. (If you click on it, choose full size to read the text).

1958 shorthand ad


Caroline said...

What a haul! Kudos!

Anonymous said...

Wow what a find. Didn't know you liked Gregg Shorthand. I had that for 2 years in high school and couldn't wait to finish it.

By the way, the speed writing is actually just taking letters out of words, so you know what they are, but don't have to write the whole word. that I did not mind.

Congrats on the find of books.

Mary Jo/Tampa Doll

RusticOkie said...

Holy smokes! You found an incredible deal, how great for you. Now you'll never run out of projects. (not that it was a problem anyway!)

Lesalicious said...

WOW what a great deal. :)

Yarnjeannie said...

Nice stash!

Sweet Mama Jones said...

Whoo hoo!! You found yourself a treasure...and a steal @ 25 cents a piece. Very cool!!