Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Swingy Summer Skirt

This was a pretty easy pattern. After seeing someone actually make this I decided to.



Pattern: Crochet Today July/August 2009, "Swingy Summer Skirt" by Doris Chan
Yarn: Peaches & Cream in light blue. Almost used an entire cone, 690 yards.
Hook: Size J.

Love this skirt. I plan on making more.

I put a white cotton skirt under, one I don't like because it wrinkles easily, and so this works perfectly. And you can't see the wrinkles!

I followed the symbols because I prefer to do that. There is a full written discription of this pattern in the magazine.


Caroline said...

Wow! Beautiful work on the skirt!

Yarnjeannie said...

What a beautiful skirt! Looks great!

Do you find the symbols easy to follow? I must be symbol-challenged, as I need the written directions to work from.

You should be proud of that skirt - it looks great!

Sweet Mama Jones said...

Come to my blog to pick up your award for being a creative blogger and an inspiration for crocheters!