Thursday, July 2, 2009

2 Scrap yarn Granny Squares

These are two from a pile I have. The rest aren't finished (well some are). But here are two. These are just the basic granny square with scrap yarn. I've been making these on and off for a while now (over a year, maybe 2 years). They're great stress square busters. I was thinking as I was making these around 3 am, that I need to get a bag together with the ones not finished and put them, a hook, scissors, needle and black yarn in a bag in my car. Then I always have something to do.

I'm using a size G hook (but I crochet loose).

Red heart super save yarn.

I think most are solid colors. I was starting that but can't remember if I made any that were in verigated colors.


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RusticOkie said...

I love granny squares in scrap colors! Great idea to keep them in the car. I keep cotton for dishcloths in my truck. It's great to have an easy project on hand all the time.