Friday, July 31, 2009

Wand Tree Animal

On Ravelery I'm a member of this group for Harry Potter (I've mentioned it before). We make items for "classes" at "Hogwarts". Our Herbology class was something that relates to the tree our wand is from. Using JK Rowlings tree list, mine is Holly. I coldn't think of something until 3 am this morning when I couldn't sleep. I had a few ideas, but nothing that took. Yes it was due today.

I added this little story to what I made:

A while back the maker of my wand let me see the tree that my wand came from. When we arrived, we saw muggles look at it and pass it by. The maker said that there’s a special charm on it so muggles won’t do anything to these special trees. When we got to the tree, I saw this little animal. I looked at the wand maker and asked him about it, and the wand maker said he didn’t see anything. I looked back and it was gone.I’ve researched a little and found that other witches and wizards who aren’t wand makers have seen them. There’s no official record of them, though. From what I’ve learned, they live there to protect the tree. The live off leaves and any bugs who don’t belong on those particular type of trees. They live near the top and match the leaves. They only respond to the wand makers.
Using my memory, I made this little guy.

wand tree guy