Wednesday, September 30, 2009

MP3 Cozy

Just something quick to put my Sandisk Fuze MP3 player in when not in use. I still want to make the Owl one, but this works for now.

This is super easy if you have one (or a cell phone) you want to cover to keep protected. I just chained the length, did 3 sc on each end of the chain with sc down each side of the chain (one complete round of sc). The first 3 sc produced an extra opening for my earbuds (perfect). Then I did rounds of dc. I did the last row in sc because it would fit better and not be too long.

SanDisk Fuze MP3 cozy

Yep, my player and earbuds are pink. They only had a pink player and later I matched the earbuds to it.

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