Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Since I haven't done one for a while and In true copycat style, I am taking my lead this morning from something that I found over at Sweet Mama Jones ...

1) What assumptions would a stranger make about you based on the books you read or have read? That I read a lot and a lot of different things (actually I don't read them that fast, I just get excited to start a new book)

2)Do you like taking naps? of course

3)What's the worst thing you've ever done with your hair? Not much. Except 1 1/2 years ago, I cut it from below the shoulers to above the neck and ears. Kept it that short since.

4)If you could change your name, what would you change it to? probably nothing else. Use to think of other names, but then I discovered it really doesn't matter. People may treat you different, but if you are who you want to be, then they will treat you that way. Same with kids, they treat kids the way they let them self be treated so naming them something unusual or usual doesn't really matter in the long end.

5)Do you own an object of sentimental value? My mom's wedding ring (she passed away 19 years ago). It's a small diamond, but worth a lot to me.

6)Are you a night owl or a morning person? Morning person. Of course now that I'm getting older... really neither... go to bed early and sleep in is bliss.

7)If your house were on fire, what material possessions would you grab? My journals.

8)What is more important to you? Photographs, scrapbooks or journals? Journals. They contain thoughts that others don't have.

9)If you saw someone commit a crime, what would you do?Duh, call the cops.

10)What songs do you sing in the shower? Nothing.

11)In what ways are you still effected by childhood problems? Shy and don't like to talk in public. Body image problems (just like just about every other woman I've discovered).

12)If you could find out the truth about one thing, what would it be? I don't know.

13)You are grateful for your body today because: I can walk, talk, see, hear, touch, etc.

14)How would you cope if you lost everything you own? cry. one step at a time. cry.

15)What makes you laugh? other people

16)What makes you feel guilty? saying 'no' to other people. buying something expensive. buying more of what I have (like more yarn).

17)Under what conditions would you approve of abortion?Wow, thats a heavy duty question. First off, I don't think its my place to approve or disapprove. But rape or incest.

18)Were you ever in any school clubs (speech, drama, etc.)? drama in 8th grade (total disaster, luckily we also did the year book) never had any lines (of course since I couldn't remember then anyway).. no I have no idea what I was thinking! ... band, but last chair if any, never marched...

19)Describe a favorite childhood friend and something you did with her or him. Kim. Use to get together when our parents were getting together and we would try to have fun.

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