Monday, October 26, 2009

Black and White Purse

I wanted a new purse (and then needed one). So I made this one. I always wanted a black and white purse, but never got around to making one.

PATTERN: the pattern is from the Big Book of Dishclothes. Since I started it a month ago and finished the sides, I misplaced the book since then, sorry about that. But it's one of those and easy to find as it's a two color pattern and you'll reconize it from these photos (if someone knows, please post, I will edit or comment later if I find it).
Cell phone holder: just made up using the same pattern stitch, it's a bit different beacuse it's done in rounds.

YARN: Red Heart Super Saver Worsted Weight Yarn. I had plenty left over too.
HOOK: I think a size H, but I can't rememer (as I said I finished the crocheting last month).
LINING: A cotton fabric I had. I folded it and it made pockets!

This first photo shows the lining over the purse. This is the bottom of the lining. I decided since it fits my Netbook I would need a double stitch on there. I did a straight stitch and then a diagnol stitch.

crochet pures
Second photo. This purse is big enough to fit my Netbook in! It's in the back in the black and white flower cozy I bought (I bought one instead of using the one I made because this one had a zipper). Yes my wallet is a zebra stripe, matched my last purse lining. And it matches this purse too.

crochet purse
Third photo. Cell phone holder and key fob.

crochet purse
Entire purse. You'll see that the straps I made extra study. I did a 2 row sc and then I chained a long length (125) and weaved it through the sc.

crochet purse


Mrs D said...

Love that stitch pattern! Very nice purse!

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