Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Scrap Yarn to 2 FO's

Finally posting something.

I had some red yarn, I don't know why, I don't like red. I don't know why I even had 2 skiens. I have red hair so I don't wear much red, so no red vest or sweater, etc. Must have thought I needed a new one so that's why there's more then one. Or it could have been leftover from my sweetheart afghan I made earlier this year. And I happened to find both, so I used them for some projects.
red heart yarn in red

First a cowl.
I just made up the pattern. It's for a friend at work who takes the bus and it gets cold
Sorry for the bad photo, I took it quick. Yea bad excuse.
It's a wide cowl, so it can be folded down for extra warmth or unfolded for the nose and ears as needed. Anyway, you can see the silver buttons on it. It can button just about anywhere. It's open here.
red cowl

Then I made these towel toppers. One strand of yarn, size H hook. I made up the pattern, just double crochet. I cut the towels in half and crochet on the top. There are a lot of patterns out there for these things. I just crochet directly on the towel top. I punch my hook through. Yes it is hard and can take a while, but after that it's smooth sailing. I'm giving this to a friend for Christmas with a oven mit. Her kitchen is done in apples, so red works. Plus these have a snowflake theme so they can used all winter.
This is a much better photo as I used my digital camera and tried several settings until it came out nice.
red towel toppers

Monday, November 9, 2009

Brown Vest--Made in a Weekend

Yep it was that easy.
Because I needed a break from writing, I crocheted a brown vest. I saw a ton of drop sleeve type vests at a store last week and thought, I could crochet one for less. So I made this one this weekend. It's a very easy one.

PATTERN: Crochet Today magazine, March/april 2009. It's from the Verstile Vest. I just did the pattern stitch. I didn't want to increase or decrease on the shoulders, so I just did it straight. I figured out how many rows I would need for the front, doubled it for the back with a few extra for the neck. I just did a SC edging on it. Real simple and fast stitch.
YARN: Red Heart in the color Cafe.
HOOK: Size H.

A photo of the vest on a shirt and then a close up of the stitches

Brown Vest

Brown Vest Close up