Thursday, December 17, 2009

5 New Snowflakes #28-32

No I'm not trying to rush to get my 52 snowflakes done.
A coworker wanted some, so, since these are easy, I just made them. I gave her some that I had all ready made and she liked them so much, she kept them. These will be gifts for her friends. She paid me for them, just less then $1 for them since I don't care, she's nice and a friend too.

Yarn: Size 3 thread, Aunt Lydias, bought at walmart
Hook: Size F
Patterns: Just made up.

[click on the photo to enlarge... these were taken before I blocked them...]

Snowflake ..Snowflake...

1 comment:

Yarnjeannie said...

As always - beautiful! I truly admire the delicacy of the lacy white snowflakes!