Tuesday, December 21, 2010

December 11, 2010--Black and White Afghan for BFF

From the book Crocheted AFghans 40 Designs Traditional to Conteporary, it was a patterned call Chenille ??

Used Red heart Super Saver in Black and white. About 2.5 skeins each.

November 30, 2010--Mini Christmas Bell

I started to follow a pattern but changed it. Then didn't like the finished results. Doubt the pattern would have made it better because of my crocheting. So I sewed it up on the 30th to use as a scrubby but looked like a bell after all!

November 25, 2010--Mini Christmas Stocking

Just make up from toe ot heel, then up leg, afterthought heel.

Looks orange because of the flash, but it's actually red.

November 25, 2010--Mini Angel

Made this angel just making it up as I sent along. Red Heart Fashion Size 3 Thread and a Size F hook. Made all in one piece, no joing or ending.

November 24, 2010--Christmas Tree

Pics never come out right on this blogger.. ugh...
Pattern: Wooly Tree Tutorial.
I added a bottom to make it stand better.
I changed the branches for a *sc, hdc, dc, hdc, sc* to make it easier for me to fit in the loops.
You can see how small it is next to the mini stocking and angel.

November 21, 2010--Shades of Brown Cardigan

Pattern by Drops 97-1 Crochet Cardigan in Eskimo here
Very easy.
It should have took less time. It uses Super Bulky yarn.
I used Micheal's Loops & thread Country Loom. The center is in Regal Earth, a verigated brown. The boarder is in Warm Beige. I didn't do the hoodie like the pattern called for.
I would have done the edging in the same color but ran out of yarn and Micheals didn't have any more of it.
Do not follow the written instructions, follow the diagram. I did and have one extra stitch, but it didn't matter in the long run.
Love the yarn. Super Soft. Very easy and quick to sew together since the stitches are so big.

October 31, 2010--Turkey Ami


Made this for Thanksgiving decoration in my office. Just used Red Heart Super Saver and made up the pattern. Used Mexicana for the tail.

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If I accidentally deleted your comment and it was a nice one and not spam, I am truly sorry. I think I may have one one or two.

I will update my blog soon with new Finished Objects. I've just been doing that on Raverly because I can star the post and then edit later with the last date I finished on, it's pretty easy.

Thanks for all you who follow.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Buff & Blue Cardigan

I saw a knitted cardigan with a vertical stripe bottom. I decided to do that with crochet. So I made this up.
Red Heart Super Saver Wrosted Weight Yarn in Buff and a blue color.
Size I hook
I just used Half Double Crochet throughout.

I can't decide if I want to make the sleeves longer. I'm wearing it today and will decide later.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Deep V-Neck Frosty Green Cardigan

I messed up on the sleeves so it pulls down the shoudlers a bit. So I made it a Deep V Neck cardigan. I like the look. It's different then what I have or have done.

Red Heart SS WW yarn in Frosty Green.

Size I hook.

Pattern: Just made up as I went along. All double crochet, except the edging.

Lavendar Jacket

Using a different yarn and hook then the pattern called for. I'm not doing the decreases on the lower part or the increases in the bodies. Seemed like a lot of extra work that I really couldn't see in the picture if it mattered or not. So I changed yarns and hook too.

I just like the pattern stitch used on this.

I wanted the sleeves a little longer, but they ended up a tad short. I like them though.

I added a sc edging because the top neck was a little toos quare. And for the buttons.

Very nice and warm.

I used REd Heart super save WW yarn in Lavnedar.
Size I hook
Pattern: Sage Jacket from Interweave Crochet magazine, Fall 2010

Monday, October 18, 2010

Hexagon Sweater



This is a 6 pointed hexagon, fold and you have half a sweater. Make 2, sew together and you have a complete sweater. Yes that easy. And it's even easier done in the granny square stitch, like I did here. I'm tempted to try it in a more advanced stitch, but I have other projects to work on. And want to work on.

Very quick and easy. I made mine in 2 days. Perfect for a beginner, either in crochet or crochet sweaters!

I used my scarp yarn. Red Heart Super saver. A dark blue, medium blue and turqouise. Size K hook. I added some cheap buttons because it needed them. Wore this on Friday and loved it.

Another pattern that's easy to follow, it's for a baby, but just keep going for an adult, with a great boarder (I would have done it if I had enough yarn) http://www.bevscountrycottage.com/hexagon-jacket.html

Cowl, Beret, Fingerless Mits

On all these projects I used Bernet Softee Chuky (got on clearance), except the button on the cowl, which I used Red Heart Super Saver. They're all a gray color.
Size K hook.

Cowl. I made a cowl for the cold mornings I have to scrape off my icy windows. I have short hair. I used a simpe hdc. SC around the edging.

Beginner's Beret was from the Crochet Today Sept/Oct 2010 issue. It used the same stitch as the cowl (I made the cowl first). I changed some as the last few rounds didn't fit my head, so I decreased more until it fits (it's a little lose but fine).

Fingerless Mits. Since I use cheap knit gloves, I needed extra warmth on my wrists and hands, so I quickly made these. They're just hdc with skipped spaces for the thumb area.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Big Easy Sweater Cardigan in Purple

I made this to try out the pattern.

Very easy. Fast to make too.

I made the front pieces in a day. I decided to make the Big Easy Sweater into a cardigan. Wtih buttons (LionBrand pattern).

I'm using Red Heart because 5 skines of Homespun would be $25 (at walmart). Plus I can try it out and see how I like it.

The sleeves ended up really big,s o if you're doing this, just be warned. They seem almost too big, but they're fine.

Since this is so big, this will be my Go To Sweater At Home when it's cold. i had a store bought knit one that my aunt gave me and used that one all the time. It just happened to be purple too. Loved curling up in it.

I just did DC around the netire edging, one row. Except the sleeves, just left them as is.

To make it a cardigan I just divided the front in half and worked until I got 3 rows less then the total inches (normally the number of rows on the back, but I did the front first), then I worked the neckline for the front.

Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver, Lavendar

Hook: Size I

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cotton Doily

Boring corner at work.

Made a cotton doily in WW cotton yarn.

I couldn't find Size 3 thread so I thought this would work. It does.

Brown & White Jacket

Found this yarn on clearance. $9 total but only used $7.

Yarn: WW cotton yarn.

Size I hook.

Pattern: Luna Lovegood Cardigan.

I used the Luna Lovegood Carigan for the shoulders, then one row of (ch 1, dc) then a row of puff stitches.

I found some buttons at the dollar store. I only added one because I couldn't decide what to do with them.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Gray Short Sleeve Sweater

Started this sweater based on a sweater in the Harry Potter movie Dealthy Hallows. Source HERE.

I couldn't figure out the long sleees. I searched other patterns but most didn't decrease or even have vertical sleeves (confused by that).
So I made short sleeves.

Since I wasn't following a pattern, it ended up shorter then I really wanted, but I like it. P lust he neckline was shorter then the one in the photo from the DH movie, which I was okay with.

I did the ribbing as I worked the body and sleeves. I did the neck ribbing following a pattern ideas of working it into a row of sc on the neck area (no sewing later).

The full sweater pic is the true color. I took a picture of the sleeve because I was very proud of myself in making one like this.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lining a Purse

LadyRebel asked me how to do this in my comments, here was my reply

I learned from Crochetville or other websites.

*I just lay the purse flat.*Double the lining fabric with a fold (bottom of purse).

*Draw around to cut out or just cut out the fabric around the purse.

*Sew about where the purse would go on the sides (bottom if I coldn't get the fold there). I just use a straight stitch

*Place the lining in the purse

*Fold down the top with the edging on the inside.

*I sew the fabric to the second row from the top, kind of wipstitching it, through a stitch, not in the yarn (if I can help it).

I always double my thread for extra durability. Hope this helps.

A couple photos:
[all clickable for larger photos)



Here's one I did an extra stitch to reinforce it
crochet pures

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Purse--Yes a New One

Very easy square. I wanted a new purse. I decided to use this square as the basis for it.

Your First Afghan by Katherine Eng from Crochet Today! Sept/Oct 2010 issue.

I made 2 squares and then a sides using the same pattern stitch (starting in a point and working to the width I wanted). Then a strap. Cell phone holder is the same pattern stitch but done in rounds. It made it spiral. I sewed a key ring for my keys. Need easy access to my cell phone and keys.

I lined it with cotton fabric.

It’s an off white. My photos were getting a reflection from the cell phone I guess… so that’s the pink tint you see.

[clickbale photos]

Cell phone holder, key ring for key chain, lining:

Side of purse

Project Help Idea

I saw these at Micheals and thought theywould be perfect for projects. To help keep me organized

They're call Project Talkers and were only a couple of bucks.


What I did was cut some labels that fit, then used a pencil to write on it (so I can erase it later). Some will stay what it says, but the ones for "purl" for knitting I won't use and can use the other side. You'll see the other one says "sleeve" which I will use.


Thought this might be of help for other crafters!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Made this shawl this weekend (Had 4 days to do nothing---well I did some cleaning and organizing, that's how I found the cable pattern for my cell phone on the last post). I had another pattern that had the Triple Crochet Puff Stitches but didn't like that shawl so I frogged then started this one and just made it up as I went along. I used the Treble Crochet Puff Stitch on it, but totally different pattern. It ended up being a 2 pattern repeat (love that).
Used some baby yarn I had, I think Bernat. Size H hook.


Here's the edging and bottom. I used the same edging I do on most of the dolies I make up.


Okay this coloring of the photo I took is really bad, but shows the corner and top boarder.